Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Sunday Salon: A Week in Review

It's been a fun, busy blogging week.

First, I'm excited to finally be part of an official challenge. Jessica, (The Bluestocking Society) and I started the Printz Project this week. We'd love for you to come join us in this perpetual challenge to read the Printz Award books.

Then, I passed on three different bloggy awards, sharing the love with a bunch of my favorite bloggers.

Oh, and we're voting on a new Bookword. Don't forget to come make a choice!

Yesterday, it was my turn to post the Weekly Geek topic, which is cookbooks. Be sure to check that out and share your cookbook collection with us.

Then there was the poem! Did you read it? Did it make you smile? I hope so.

And I had a blast from the past remembering some childhood favorites. I love looking at all those book covers.

Of course I did a couple of reviews too, both really great books. Now... what shall I read this week?

I have three books due at the library Tuesday. I may try to get them read, but of course, I can always renew. (That makes me think of an Arthur song... anyone know it? But you won't understand the renew thing unless you watch the whole thing!)

I'm really sad about the big read-a-thon next week. I'm just not sure if I'll be able to join in, and I want to so bad. I know I'm going to be feeling so left out. But, it's possible we may be doing some spring break activity. If not, I may try to join in, but most likely, I'll be doing family stuff either way. So, I guess we'll see. All you that are reading, have a blast!

Today, being Easter and all, I doubt I'll get much reading time in. We'll be doing the family dinner thing and all.

So Happy Easter all those celebrating!
Have a great day and wonderful week!


  1. I'm signing up for the Printz Challenge! (Just what I need...another challenge!)

  2. No.More.Challenges. ;)
    Seriously, I am trying to be more realistic in my challenge zeal this year!
    The cookbook Geeks topic was a winner with me this week. I really enjoyed it and had fun putting my post together for it. Thanks!
    I am doing the Read-a-thon this week for the first time and will miss hearing from you throughout the event. I hope what ever you end up doing is fun, special and memory making for you and your family.

  3. Kim: you do realize that the Printz Project isn't a "real" challenge, right? Because there is no deadline! Just a goal to read some of those winners. So, see. You CAN come sign up! No stress.

    I loved your cookbook post. Glad you liked it.

    Debnance: So glad you're joining us for the Printz Project!



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