Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break!

Spring Break this year......

.... Spring Break last year!

I'd say that's the definition of depressing.

BUT.... to cheer myself up.... I will share with you what I'll be seeing tonight:

That should fix things, right?

P.S. Welcome to my 600th post! On to 600 more!


  1. Sorry about the snow, Suey :(

    But! Enjoy Wicked. And Happy 600th post :D

  2. I am so jealous you are seeing Wicked!:) Have fun!

  3. Yeah, I am pretty sick of snow too. It stinks, and just when I thought nicer weather was here to stay.

  4. Now that's the definition of contrast! :) I love Wicked the Musical - enjoy! :)

  5. Sorry about the snow - but I am so jealous of you getting to see Wicked! I hope you have a wonderful time.

  6. That really is depressing. I'm jealous you get to see Wicked!!! We want to sooooo bad, I guess I'll have to live with your details =) Congrats on 600!! Have a good time!

  7. Have a great time at the show! Sorry to hear that the snow is still falling there...ugh... no read-a-thon for you this april? How about October?

  8. Wicked was wonderful! Amazing songs. My daughter said, "What's your favorite one, Mom?" and I couldn't pick one!



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