Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is Jason Castro Reading?

So, I just had to share my little exciting moment of yesterday.

Jason Castro, last years dreadlocked American Idol, did a little live webcast yesterday. As part of the advertising for this event, he asked people to Twitter him questions. So I did.

And if course, you all know what I asked, "What are you reading?" I also asked what his favorite books of all time were.

So yesterday afternoon, I was actually home and even remembered to tune into the webcast. At several questions in, he said, "Sue says..."

I thought, cool. Someone with a similar name!

Then he proceeded to read my question! Wahoo! (I don't know what happened to the "y" part of my name, maybe my Twitter name (SueySays) confused him?)

Anyway, it was very exciting.

Quite shyly, he admitted to being into Paulo Coelho right now, reading both The Alchemist and The Valkyries. Then he mentioned The Great Depression Ahead by Harry Dent as another one he's working on. He said he loves it because it's challenging and fascinating.

Then he glanced over at the chat screen and noticed someone suggested The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, so he right then and there, turned his back on the camera, found a paper and wrote it down. I think he'll LOVE that one if he manages to get to it.

So, out of the gazillion of questions asked, and the only 1/2 hour of time that he was "on air," he picked my bookish question to answer! So cool!

Also, interestingly enough, someone asked him what three things he would take with him on a deserted island. Without hesitation, he said his Kindle 2, so he could have TONS of books to read! (The other two items? After deliberation, he settled on a yacht and a chef. )

Seriously, I think we have a true reader on our hands here!

(P.S. He forgot to answer the second part of the question, favorite books of all time. Oh, well.)

Oh, hey, whatdaya know... the whole thing can still be viewed on his website! Check it all out here: Jason's Live Webcast


  1. very cool suey! Twitter makes the world so small.

  2. That's awesome. I would get excited over something like that for sure. I am such a fangirl.

  3. Never heard of him, but I love him!
    Congrats on his choosing your question.

  4. That's very cool! Great use of Twitter for things like this. :)

  5. Very cool! He should love The Shadow of the Wind.



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