Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009.15: It's All About Animals

We have a new Weekly Geek topic! This time It's All About Animals! I do love animals and become very attached to pets. When I was a kid, I had three different cats (at different times) who all died traumatic deaths. After that, I decided that it was too hard to have pets, so when I started a home and family of my own, pets were not going to be part of the plan.

But then, one day, a stray cat started hanging out at our house. We tried to ignore her, but after a month of persistence in her part, we finally decided to start feeding her. Eleven years later, that cat is still hanging out... in the house even!

Then, one son talked us into hermit crabs. I don't have much to do with these pets, but they are still quite interesting.

And last year, we up and got a cockatiel. After three months, it flew away and got lost outside. I was sick about it. However, the next day, we found him way up high in our neighbor's tree. The rescue was quite dramatic, and now, the bird has survived a complete year with us. In fact, just today, there was talk about getting him a friend to play with!

All that being said, I've never been much of an animal book person. Yet, when I do read one, I always love it. Here's TEN of my favorites. Yes, another Top Ten list from me. (Weekly Geeks keeps having subjects that lend themselves well to this new quest of mine!)

Suey's Top Ten Animal Books

1. Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand (race horse)

2. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell (horse)

3. Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls (dogs)

4. Old Yeller by Fred Gipson (dog)

5. Socks by Beverly Cleary (cat)

6. Charlotte's Web by E.B. White (pig, spider and others)

7. Follow My Leader by James B.Garfield (guide dog)

8. Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'dell (many different animals)

9. Stuart Little by E.B. White (mouse)

10. Eragon by Christoper Paolini (dragons)

Okay I was pushing it with that last one. I know I'm missing some and it's really going to bug me when I remember them!

Here's a couple I'd like to read someday soon:

Marley and Me
Watership Down
Dewey, the Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

What are YOUR favorite animal books? Which ones did I forget in my Top Ten? Which ones do I really need to read before I die?


  1. I'm not really big on animal books, but your cat is gorgeous. Like the cockatiel too. :)

  2. We have always had pets - dogs, cats, and both at the same time. Right now we have 2 dogs, but when the day comes that they're no longer with us, no more pets.

    I loved SEABISCUIT. I never thought I'd enjoy a book like that, but I really did.

  3. I agree with Lynne, Seabiscuit is a wonderful read! Great idea for the list concept.
    What are your animal and bird's names?

  4. Great book choices - Happy Geeks Week

  5. That is a great list! I had almost forgotten how much I loved Island of the Blue Dolphins as a kid until I saw it here.

  6. Follow My Leader!?! I love that book. I bought it from the book order when I was a kid, and I saved it, and my son read it a few years ago and loved it too. Last week, my dad brought my son some firecrackers, and we mentioned about the book.
    Excellent choice!

    I love Owls in the Family by Farley Mowatt, a somewhat autobiographical account of growing up on the prairies in the 1940s.
    Also, Kate diCamillo's Tale of Despereaux and Because of Winn-Dixie are excellent books about animals.
    (I guess I've started my own little list of animal books here, haven't I?)

  7. I hate lists like this (for me) simply because I spend time thinking, make the list, and then by the end of the day I can probably think of ten more books that should've made the list! lol Then, I start second-guessing myself.

    When I was a kid I would go through animal phases, but none of the books I read back then have really stuck with me!

  8. It's funny how cats will just pick their homes. Happy WG.

  9. Love the top 10 list!!

    So how do the cat and the bird get along?!

  10. I grew up on:
    Trumpet of the Swan (swans)
    Rascal (racoon)
    The Yearling (deer)
    Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (mice and rats)
    Flicka (horse)
    Julie of the Wolves (wolves)
    The Jungle Book (lots of animals)
    Tarzan (apes)
    Island of the Blue Dolphins
    Where the Red Fern Grows

    ...and others from your list. I don't think I could stop at ten.
    Thanks for the fun memories!

  11. Great tale about your pets. Your list is also great. I just read Charlotte's Web this week and it brought back great memories. Other books on your list also bring back memories.

    *Margot @ Joyfully Retired

  12. Socks by Beverly Cleary is a good one. It has been long time since I read one of her books. Shoot I should have thought dragons. lol

  13. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    Maree: We've always thought our cat was pretty cute too!

    Lynne: I didn't think I would enjoy Seabiscuit as much as I did either. It was so good!

    Bkclubcare: We are lousy pet namers! Our cat has always just been Kitty. Our bird came with the name of Roy, which we thought was lame, so we changed it to Royal, but we just call him... you guessed it... Birdie!!

    Kristen: Thanks! Happy WG to you too!

    Frances: Oh, I love Island of the Blue Dolphins!

    Raidergirl:Oh, yes. Tale of Desperaux and Because of Winn- Dixie are both wonderful too.

    Kailana: I know what you are saying about the list making. And I know I'll always forget something! But it's fun anyway!

    Pussreboots: Yes, we've always said that our cat adopted us.

    Molly: The cat and bird pretty much just ignore each other. But we are careful that they aren't both loose at the same time!

    Megan: Ah, Julie of the Wolves! Yes, I would have added that one had I still had room. I had The Yearling on there, but then it got bumped.

    Margot: I really should re-read Charlotte's Web too.

    Shannon: My young daughter just read Socks awhile back and totally loved it too. Brought back good memories.

  14. OH I loved Island of the Blue Dolphins and Where the Red Fern Grows! I also really liked Summer of the Monkeys. And more recently, I thought that The Story of Edgar Sawtelle was really great.

  15. Terrific post, Suey :) I also loved Black Beauty...and of course Charlotte's Web...and Ole' Yeller made me cry :) Thanks for sharing the photos of your animals!

  16. Emily: I've really got to read that Edgar book soon!

    Wendy: Fun topic this week! :)

  17. This is a different Lynne commenting...anyway, I read "Wesley the Owl" and absolutely loved it (it's a newer book), I'm waiting on the library list for "A Lion Named Christian" and I also want to get "The Everyday Coyote" - heard these were both amazing.

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  19. Yes... definitely read Watership Down as soon as possible. Any top ten animal book list without it (and Wind in the Willows) is a shame, especially considering Eragon made the list.



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