Monday, April 6, 2009

Review: The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Review: The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Genre: YA
Rating: B+

For: Fun

Last year I read and loved the other book, Life as We Knew It. We had a great book club discussion about it and laughed our heads off pondering how long the current fat on our bodies would last us during a disaster!

So, this book is about the same disaster, (when an asteroid bumps in to the moon and knocks if off kilter) but from a different character's point of view. For some reason, I didn't like this one near as much as the first one. Maybe because the stories were so similar? Which is basically a family fighting to survive in the aftermath of this cosmic disaster. Maybe I didn't feel at all connected to the character this time around. Maybe it was just all too sad to take at the moment. I don't know, but I was glad to get through it.

This story was quite a bit more morbid than the other story too. Maybe I just couldn't deal with that either.

Anyway, for fans of the first one, I would still suggest that you check this one out. Maybe you'll end up liking it better!

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  1. I loved Life as We Knew it and really want to read this...but I'm sure it will absolutely terrify me.

  2. Hi Suey, I'm glad I read your review. I loved Life As We Knew It (my daughter did too) but haven't been drawn to this book. I think I'll probably pass on it.

    I laughed at your book club comment! My club would probably enjoy discussing this book- I never thought about it for them since it's more of a YA book. Good idea.

  3. I felt the same way about both books. First one was better for me.

  4. I always find it kind of awkward to read a second book by an author about the very same subject- like Robin McKinley's two "Beauty and the Beast" books. I nearly always like the first one better, and wonder why they wrote two?



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