Saturday, July 29, 2017

Currently: Feeling Lazy

I should have done stuff today, but I did nothing except hang out at a reunion for a few hours. But, I just didn't feel like doing anything. I have many posts to write but instead of writing them, I'll write a currently instead...

Listening: To Spotify. My "songs" playlist, which includes everything. Kpop, Muse, Justin Beiber, Vpop, Maroon5, soundtracks. It's an awesome play list. At this very moment, it's a song from the drama Goblin by Sam Kim called Who are You. There's lots of English bits. I bet you'll like it:

Watching: I finished two dramas that I want to tell you about. And started and almost finished another. I haven't watched any movies lately. I want to though. But, it never seems to get fit in.

Reading: I just finished a book today. It was okay. I mean I liked it but... it wasn't what I was expected. Kind of a downer book. I will review it soon. I also finished the book club book for last week's book club. It was also... okay. Sigh. I will review it soon too. (See, I have posts to write!)

Writing: Nothing to report here this time. Like at all. I am holding out hope for Oct/Nov/Dec on this one. Let's watch and see what happens with that!

Blogging: I had a little spurt and then it fizzled again, huh? But I hope this week to catch up and get some things posted! (Dang, why did I want to do a currently again? There is nothing to report in most of m categories!!!)

YouTubing: This endeavor is sure up and down. We continue to get subscribers, slowly but surely. But we put up videos and it seems no one is watching. Ah, it's frustrating! I'm going to a conference this week about YouTubing and I hope to learn a ton and come back all knowledgeable! YouTube is the biggest mystery to me! But when we went to the concert last weekend, a few people recognized us and seemed excited about it! That's... something.

Monsta X
Even Hyungwon (far left) who had been sick was there for us!!!

Misc: The best thing of course to report on is that we had another fabulous kpop concert weekend last weekend. I will do a post on it too, but it all turned out perfect. We ended up only a few people deep back from the stage and saw the band perfectly. They are so real! This is such an amazing thing! And we survived our "high touch" experience, but it was WAY TOO FAST. But still, it was a chance to look each one of them in the eye and personally thank them.  Anyway, it was awesome. One more kpop weekend to come. And then I hope we'll take a bit of a break to recover.

We had some family time recently too. That was all awesome too!

Monday, July 17, 2017

This Week In Kpop: July 9 to 15, 2017

Well, I really didn't plan on doing one of these kpop news posts EVERY week, but since this past week was just as much, or even more so, crazy as the week before, I figured... why not.

The biggest things that happened this past week revolved around Super Junior. We fell in love with them last January 2016... and promptly discovered that several of their guys were currently in the military. Seriously? Yes.. and so we realized that we had to wait for more than a year to see them doing their Super Junior thing. Which actually gave us plenty of time to catch up on all the stuff we'd missed!

And so, finally, this past week, two of our very most favorites were released from their service and are back in the "idol" spotlight once again! Eunhyuk and Donghae are back! And these two guys are like the best of best friends and have their own little duet sub unit of Super Junior, so it's just so awesome that they both got done within the same week.

(This is what Yesung, also from Super Junior, posted on his Instagram the day Eunhyuk was released. The guy in the gray shirt below is Donghae, who has two days until his release at the moment this was taken.)

But the very best thing about this is the very next day... KCON announced that the two of them will be coming to KCON LA in August! Guys. I can't even explain how flipped out we were over this. All our thoughts of "should we or shouldn't we" about KCON totally went out the window. We HAD to go now. Like, HAD to.

(If they do this song and we have this view, we will be very happy indeed.)

 And the,  VERY NEXT DAY after that, the tickets went on sale. We opened all the tabs and were totally prepared with what we wanted when the counter counted down. And then for 45 FREAKING MINUTES we waited for tickets to become available. It never let us select a price level, so we were just trying for whatever popped up. And nothing did. Over and over and over again. After 45 minutes, we gave up. Then my husband (who is always on board to help enable this ticketing buying thing!) called me back and said.. so I just got floor tickets... do you want them? Of course I said yes and we bought three tickets. General admission... in the pit... on the floor!!

Now, I'm okay standing up the whole time. I'm okay with bumping elbows with the crowd... but what I'm nervous about is the fact that the line for GA tickets starts in the morning, which means standing in line all day and then not being able to do anything else at KCON at all. This is what I have a problem with. So I'm not sure how this will all work. You'll have to stay tuned for the end of the story in about a month! (Most likely we'll not be very close to the stage and will have a hard time actually seeing them!! Ah...dang it!)

Meanwhile, fanwars between BTS fans and pretty much everyone else continue to happen over on Twitter. Getting on Twitter these days is a very risky thing if you are following kpop stuff at all. We are trying to stay out of things, but it's so crazy that it's hard to do! And yes, we are BTS fans, but...we totally hate the fanwars and the idea that many have that in order to be a true fan you can only like one group and etc. Seriously, this fandam is the craziest thing I've ever seen. That's including all the fandoms I've experienced at Comic Con and other places. This takes the cake.

Yes, my feelings exactly.

Oh, and then we've been planning for our upcoming Monsta X adventure. That's this weekend. I'm so nervous!!!! Sadly, I think Hyungwon is still sick and won't be with them. This kills me. And I didn't know I wanted to see him so bad until they said he won't be there. And yes, I want to see him. And we have GA tickets for this concert too, so yeah. We'll be filming and instagraming like crazy as we sit in line all day be sure to come and keep us company at all the social media places.

(Here is a brand new fancam of Monsta X at their concert just last night in Atlanta. If we get this view, I might just die. But our luck is NEVER this good!)

Hyungwon... who has some sort of weird infectious disease and hasn't been touring with them. I'm so sad.

Anyway, that's about it for the big stuff this past week. It feels like we haven't had a fun intense comeback from anyone for a long time! But, that will change tomorrow when EXO has a comeback. Check out the channel for our reaction to that!!

(Here's the teaser for their new song.)

Friday, July 7, 2017

This Week in Kpop: Kpop News and Highlights July 1- 7, 2017

Guys, so much happened in the kpop world this week. I feel the need to share and maybe vent a little even.

First, BTS ended their months long world tour and said they were off to "rest." Well, so, the VERY NEXT DAY they uploaded a cover song, and revealed a new logo and even want us English speaking fans to call them by a new name. WHAT? Ah, these guys never let us breathe!

We reacted to the new song here. It was a bit of a depressing one to me:

And here's the new logo and name. Maybe we'll understand more about what's behind this as time goes by:

 And now they are talking about a comeback. I find that term funny when they've not gone anywhere really and having been feeding us nonstop all year. Ha. Comeback. LOL.

Let's see, yesterday Sungmin, from Super Junior, got on Instagram and announced that due to unhappiness in the fandom about how he handled his marriage three years ago, he had decided to not join the group in their comeback this fall. (Now THIS is a true comeback.. nothing from these guys for two years!) Oh man. This really KILLED me and we (Megs and I) took to Twitter and vented our hearts out. We don't get how a bunch of stupid fans can have such power over these guys. Anyway. we are going to miss him in a big big way.

In other news, we had a pretty impressive giveaway on our channel to celebrate 10,000 subscribers. Today we've had fun with an announcement video... here's the results:

We fell in love with a new group called Day6 because one of their guys is HILLARIOUS on Twitter.  His name is Jae and you can check out his tweets here. And this is one of our favorite songs of theirs. Jae is the blond one in glasses.

KCON in LA is happening Aug. 18-20. We hope to go. Tickets go on sale next week. Groups are being announced and we are DYING at the thought of seeing them:
NCT 127

I can't believe I might actually get to see VIXX now too. First SHINee, then BTS... then Monsta X in a couple of weeks and now maybe VIXX? Seriously. I really might die.  I will do a more detailed VIXX post later, but first, watch this to meet them:

 Okay. What else happened. This isn't kpop but kdrama, but guess who's getting married? The two costars of Descendants of the Sun. (read my review here.) I love it when costars fall in love! And then.. they are actually getting married! It's the best thing ever! They are so freaking cute!

Um.... oh yeah! Up10tion went to KCON NY and SLAYED it! They are such a newbie group that it was their first time traveling out of Asia and they got to come to NY and perform at KCON and everyone fell in love with them! We knew they would. We had already fallen, but now, everyone else knows about their awesomeness. Here's their new song that we absolutely love:

Sadly, they too had to have their comeback without one of their members who is taking a mental health leave. Yeah he was harassed by "fans" too awhile back.  I's insane...

Anyway,  Toto instantly learned their dance and uploaded it too:

Okay, I'm pretty sure more stuff happened, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Ah. Seriously. There is never a dull moment with this fandom.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Book Review: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Book: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick 
Genre: YA (maybe even NA?) romance

This is one of the books I got with my winning gift card. I was hoping for a sweet boy next door romance. I love those. I really do. But.. it wasn't a very sweet book. I mean, it had it's moments of sweetness, but overall, it wasn't sweet.

It's about this girl who lives with her mom and and sister (but her sister goes away for the summer and is pretty much not in the book) and this one summer, her mom becomes very involved in a campaign for senator and though are girl is busy working for summer, she is left alone a lot.

All her life, she has spied on the family next door. They have a life completely different from hers .And it's a life her mom has ridiculed and made fun and looked at with disdain all these years. She has wanted her kids to have nothing to do with them. But our girl has found them fascinating.

They have a gazillion kids and have a busy chaotic loud life. She is so intrigued. Well, one day she finally talks to one of the boys. (Gah, I already forgot how this went down!) And pretty much falls in love right then because he is beautiful. He's the third in the line up of kids and he is so very different from any boy she's known.

They become friends and then more. All without her mom knowing.

So there's that. There's the fact that something weird is going with her mom and her new boyfriend. There is some strained relationship issue going on with her best friend. There is the fact that, oh man... should she and the dude have sex? And then.. to top it all off, something happens and now she is mixed up in a problem that she has no idea how to fix!

Sigh. It could have been better. But it was disappointing. I mean. I still got into it for the most part and enjoyed the romance (not the "oh we've known each other for a week or so now, should we have sex?" part) and stuff, but it was mostly just tiring. Dang it.

Let's see if the next one is better, shall we?


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