Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009.13: A Poem

One of the options this week for Weekly Geeks is to "be a poet." Becky suggests an ABC poem, which I thought might be fun, but do think of what follows as more of a fun word challenge, and not a really a poem!


A is for Author and all those ARCs.

B is for Books and beautiful Bookmarks.

C is for Characters, crazy and cool,

like Dudes named Darcy or Dragons that drool!

E is for Enthusiasm for books and reading.

F's for that Feeling of finally finishing.

G is for Goodreads, and a gazillion Giveaways.

H is for happy, stay-at-Home days.

I is, of course, for "It's All About Books"

J's for just do it and Journal those books!

K is for Kindle, a technology that's new,

and L is for Libraries, tried and true.

M is for Mysteries, Magic and Myths,

N's for the Next book on the list.

O is for Once upon a time,

P is for Plots and Poems that rhyme.

Q is for Quilts and Quotes profound,

R is for Release parties where Readers abound.

S is Signings and Shelves stacked with style

T's for the towering TBR pile.

U is for Understanding unusual tales,

V's for a Variety of used book sales.

W is for wonderful wonderful Words,

X is for syntaX, if spelled backwards!

Y is for YA, those books without lack

and Z's for my favorite author, Zusak!


Silly and juvenile, but fun nonetheless!


  1. That's really great! I love the alliteration in this ABC poem

  2. Great poem! I like the ABCs in poetry.

  3. Suey, it's wonderful.. a true reader's ABCs!

  4. That was fun!
    Happy Weekly Geeks :)

  5. That was awesome! great ending too.

  6. Ah, yes, the ending's my favorite and I bet not too many people stuck with reading it long enough to get to the ending! Thanks for getting there Raidergirl! :)

  7. Very clever. :) (Bet it was harder than it looks, too!)

  8. Creative & Clever... what a great idea for a post!

  9. That was wonderful! I think you're the first one to take up the ABC challenge-good job!



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