Thursday, April 23, 2009

Awards and More Awards!

Once again, I'm behind in my giving away awards duty. Kristina gave this one to me awhile back and passed it on by reward her last ten commenters... so that's what I'm doing to. So, here's to my last ten:

Melissa at One Librarian's Book Reviews

Trish at Trish's Reading Nook

Serena at Savvy Verse and Wit

Joy at Thoughts of Joy

Bybee at Naked Without Books

Chantele at Always Something to Read

Kailana at The Written World

Kim at Good Clean Reads

Jessica at The Blue Stocking Society

Nise at Under the Boardwalk

I've received several other awards lately too, most of which I've already passed along, so I just wanted to recognize the givers.

Thanks to Melissa (One Librarian's Book Reviews and Kim (Page After Page) for the Let's Be Friends Award.

And there was someone who gave me the I Heart Your Blog Award... but I can't find who it was. Arghhh... I hate that!

And now my question of the day: What do you think about all the awards going 'round and 'round the blogosphere? My opinion.... it's fun to get them and be sort of "singled" out, but it's hard to pass them on mostly because it takes a lot of time, but also because I like ALL my bloggin' buddies, and so I just want to give everyone an award. It's hard. And I'm especially bad because I don't go around to let people know they have one... they have to discover that on their own. But for me that's kinda fun to see who ends up finding it.

But someone somewhere recently said that they think of them as the bloggy version of chain letters. What do you think? And the biggest question of all, who starts them anyway!?! :)


  1. Congrats, you deserve them! Hmm, for me I try to give an award to every blog I know.

  2. That is a really interesting question!

    I love receiving awards, but I know what you mean about the chain letter thing. As there are so many floating around, and you are supposed to give them to far more people than the one person who gave you award they do tend to get out of hand, leading to everyone getting one, which leads to the awards losing their "specialness" (sorry that isn't really a word!)

    I am starting to think about how I might handle awards in the future, as I don't think it looks right to have so many award posts on one blog. I think I might just post once a month about them. I'd love to know who starts them too!

  3. I'm with you. It's fun to get one but it's really hard to give them away for the exact reasons you stated.

    I think the rules should change. No more "you must give the award to x number of people". Awards should be given gratis with no strings attached and anyone can give them out, not just those who receive them.

    So, if I'm in a cheerful mood one day and feel like giving some awards out I'll do so and the recipients are NOT required to do anything but accept them publicly. I like those rules better.

  4. I think it's a flattering thing to initially be singled out by a blogger (especially when I was brand new to blogging!) but I've realized that it is a chain letter and I no longer pass them on. It doesn't mean anything if everyone has one (or twelve).

  5. I'm in the chain letter camp. I've received some, but never posted them on my blog or passed them on. I've just thanked the sender and let that be it.

  6. I only acknowledge awards. I very rarely ever nominate people... I find it time-consuming and annoying! There are just so many of them!

    Thanks for the award, though!

  7. Interesting to hear all your different opinions on awards. I think I still like them for the most part.

  8. Suey, thank you for the Super Comments Award! There are so many commentable posts on your site.

    Yeah. I've got to agree on the award thing. I like to get awards and it's really thoughtful, but I usually don't pass it on.

    Jessica @ The Bluestocking Society



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