Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009.12: Linking Reviews

So this week for Weekly Geeks, the project has been to organize our reviews and link to each others reviews. I've been trying to do this since Dewey suggested it last year. Sometimes it works, and sometimes not. (Many times, I hit the publish button before remembering to find some reviews to link to!)

Anyway, I've been wanted to stick my reviews in an alphabetical index for quite some time now, and so I finally got that ready, which you can see here. Fun to see them all listed in one spot like this! I'm thinking I might want to do an author index too. But perhaps another day. (This one gave me plenty of grief, lots of formatting and spacing issues, and other strange things started happening, so I just hit publish and hope it works and looks not too messy.)

Let me know if you'd like me to link to one of your reviews. And feel free to link to mine! It's fun to see every one's different opinions!


  1. Wow! Look at this place! Looking gooood!

  2. I always hit "publish" too soon, too, and then have to go back and edit my post after I've found some!

    I've these two in common with you:


    The Nanny Diaries



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