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Kdrama Review: Faith aka. The Great Doctor

It appears that for a time I'm getting my fix for stories from a medium other than books. Or shall we say, I'm adding to the mix of ways I'm getting this fix. Since I enjoy reviewing the stories found in all these ways, movies, TV shows, and etc. I'll add Korean dramas to the list. And thus I give you my first review of a Kdrama.

Drama: Faith aka. The Great Doctor (link to the online location where you can watch it!)
Genre: Historical Romance
Starring: Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The is the third Kdrama I've consumed. The first two were very fun silly romantic comedies. But also filled with a lot of heart and deep moments. But this one was much much different from the first two in that it's way more serious (not to say there weren't funny moments because there are a lot) and is also an amazing historical period piece.

And, it lived up to the name DRAMA in a big big way.

It takes place in the 1300's during the Goryeo Dynasty... what Korea was in the old days. A young king and his young princess bride have recently taken power. They are guarded by an elite group of warriors called the Woodalchi. This group is lead by a dude named Choi Young. At the time the story starts, they are being attacked and the queen gets hurt. Hurt badly enough that the doctors of the time don't know what to do.

Well, it just so happens that right then, a phenomenon occurs where a gate is opened  to what they think is heaven. They feel like if they can go through it, they can find someone to help save the queen. And so, they send the Woodalchi leader through.

Choi Young, Woodalchi General

Turns out, the gate is actually a time warp hole and he comes through to modern day Korea... he asks around and finds out there's a doctor conference going on nearby. He snags the first doctor he sees and drags her back through the gate.

So now this girl, this doctor (she's a plastic surgeon), finds herself surrounded by these people from her ancient history and they immediately ask her to perform surgery on the queen. Which she does and saves her life.

Meanwhile, the gate closes. She is stranded.

It doesn't take her long to figure out what's going on. She realizes she is in the presence of some pretty famous figures from history... including the Woodalchi general who kidnapped her. And it doesn't take long for her to realize that she has arrived at a very tumultuous time in history. The political intrigue and the schemes and power struggle is intense. And somehow, when people learn of her skill and her knowledge of the future (which oops she lets slip out!) she becomes the center of this power struggle.

And so it goes from there. Fascinating characters, brilliant amazing costumes, beautifully choreographed fight scenes, political intrigue, fantastical elements and of course, romance. Because yes, she and the general become very very attached.

The General and the High Doctor

He has promised her that he will take her back to the gate, if they can figure out when it will open again. And yet... now what is she going to do? Leave him? Drag him with her? He won't come, because he is bound to the king. And if she stays with him... she will/might die... because of... reasons.

And so... what are they going to do?? AH! So intense!

It's one of those shows where you start to wring your hands in nervousness for what's going to happen next and then again and again and again.

It's one of those shows where you get so wrapped up in the intensity of the character interaction that you find your own heart pounding.

It's one of those shows where you have to watch just one more episode!

(Luckily, these shows are what we'd call one season's worth... this one is 24 one hour episodes. Which seems so easy to swallow compared to season after season after season of a show that we end of binge-ing on often.)

My only issue with this viewing experience is that there was tons of political talk and much of it went right over my head. Very detailed and yet, it was a blast to learn about this time in history. I'm sure there are a lot of embellishments, but still, you get the feel for what it must have been like. Awesome.

Lee Min Ho
This show introduced me to one of Korea's most popular leading actors. And it only took maybe one or two scenes for me to understand why and to fall under his spell. He is mesmerizing. And, in this show anyway, soothing and calming and so so smooth. And swoony. Did I mention the swoon factor yet? Because it's one swoony thing after another with him! He melts you with a look. Or with one velvety word. (Jenni, he's instantly blasted his way to my top ten, just so you know how serious this is!)

Here's some clips of some of the swoony moments if you're into that sort of stuff, set to the song that is their theme song:

Speaking of the music, awesome!  Epic and emotional. I loved it. Here's the soundtrack on Spotify if you'd like to listen a bit.

I can't find a good English subtitled trailer, but this one works to show more of the feel of the show, set to one of the other theme songs that I loved (though it should say "I am Woodalchi". Geez people get it right!

Bottom line: Epic and intense. I loved it all! one should I watch next? I'm worried none of them will live up to this one!


  1. I LOVE IT WHEN MY RECOMMENDATIONS WORK OUT!!!! SO glad you liked it as much as me! Yes, Lee Min Ho! SO Swoon worthy, and he could play with your heart with the slightest of smiles. SO unfair, but I love it! Watching their video just gets my heart feeling all the feels every time! Oh my gosh I just love them!!!! This one is far and away my favorite Lee Min Ho drama... He's just so... perfect... but not... but he is... [swoon]

  2. Ha ha! I think you answered your own question about what to blog about when you're not reading. This one sounds good. Not sure I need another addiction in my life right now though.

    1. Jenny: Yeah, I decided not to fight it... and just go for it even though I know no one really cares! :)

    2. Do it Jenny!!! I was SO reluctant and now I don't even watch english TV... like ever... and obviously, I love it! Best addiction ever! Well this and Super Junior

  3. I am new to this entirely. I might have to give it a try!

    1. Kelly: You'll love it and you can thank me later! :)

  4. Eeeep! This is like my favourite Korean Drama show EVER! Because Choi Yung and Lee Min Ho. And because it had so much history stuff and yes, nice music. I'm glad you liked it! And reading your post makes me want to go and watch it all over again. :D

    1. Alyssa: I will probably watch it again sometime, but until then, I'll just watch these videos over and over again. :)

  5. Okay, so he's now in your top ten, huh? Gah! I know I need to watch these, but I just have to wait until I have more time. Otherwise, I'm sure it will be all that I do!!! Maybe, we need to have a marathon night or something to get me, Kami, and Jenny interested (after we rewatch Poldark with Kami).

    1. Jenni: I would love that... :) though we probably wouldn't start with this one even considering the swoony actor. It's a bit heavy...and yes. TOP TEN!

    2. Kay, let's plan something then! I guess we can even start it before Poldark if we have to, lol.

  6. I'm going to have to check this out! I've planned on watching some K-dramas, but never got around to it. Maybe this one will get me off my butt, or on my butt?

    I know nothing about Korea-anything, but am a Japan-ophile, so it'll be interesting as I try to erase that filter from eyes. Not going to come off easily. I even felt like it was weird to see the two of them hugging and touching each other so much! But, this isn't Japan, so it's probably okay for them to do that in their culture.

    1. Cathy: I understand... now that I'm all into Korean stuff, it would be hard to switch to Japanese stuff! And yes, they do hug and touch, but barely, and it takes them forever to get there! :) I think some dramas are more huggy and touchy than others.

  7. I've been hearing more about Korean dramas lately, though I've never watched any myself. I do love stories about history and time travel, so I might have to give this a try sometime.

    1. Amy: Do it! Let me know what you think! :)

  8. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! It's definitely one of my favorite kdramas. And it's so, so addicting, right?! I watched this one live and waiting a week for the next two episodes was TORTURE. Pure torture, I tell you. :D The romance is what kept me hanging on faithfully. That Choi Young is awfully swoony! And so is Lee Min Ho, for that matter. ;)

    I know exactly what you mean, I'm positive that there's a great deal of stuff lost in translation for me. But I don't care. Although I will say that I like to click over to the Dramabeans website. They recap dramas over there and if they have the episode I'm watching, I'll read it if there's a particular moment that's bugging me. They're pretty good at helping me understand what's going on.

    But YES TO KDRAMA. I've fallen down the kdrama rabbit hole and I've yet to reach the bottom. And now I'm not the only crazy one! Welcome to the fandom. :D

  9. I finished this a few days ago, after reading of it here. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!! This was fantastic! I like the two leads together, and think they did a great job adding humor and magic to the historical/political side. Lee Min Ho is officially in my top 3 now--which is huge! I've been adding all his other dramas to my queue, and have been binge-watching them (just got done watching all of Boys Over Flowers). I'm fangirling HARD right now. *le sigh*



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