Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lurkers.... Delurk! Please?

I don't know who starts these things, but someone out there has declared it De-lurking Day today. So I've been having fun trying to comment everywhere I go today, and even though I'm a bit late to the party, I thought I'd invite all my lurkers (I do have some, right?) to DE-LURK and say hi. Bloggers get excited when lurkers come forward and declare themselves a reader. It's very exciting.

But I opted to forgo the flasher picture for this other image I found. Because I'm weird that way. De-lurking and flashing just don't go together in my mind for some reason!

So lurkers, time to de-lurk. Do you need questions to help you?

- Do you read books? What are you reading right now?

- If you read this blog, you know my favorite singer... so... who's yours?

- Do you have a blog too and can I come comment there?

- What's your favorite ice cream?

- What are you having for dinner tonight? (Dinnertime, my daily stress moment.)

- Toilet paper.... OVER or UNDER?

Okay, your turn!
P.S. Non-lurkers are welcome to participate too... of course!


  1. Hi! I am a part-time lurker - I follow your blog in my reader but don't always come by and comment.

    Great topic - thanks for posting!

    And of course you can come by and comment on my blog -

  2. haha, I'd forgo that picture, too... :D

    I'm not a lurker at all. I'm over here all the time. Probably gets annoying. :D

  3. Try not to lurk, but sometimes I simply have nothing to say! *L*

    Found you through Bloggiesta and really enjoying your blog!

    Let's see...
    Currently reading Three Days To Dead.
    Don't really have a favorite singer, but like several singers and groups.
    My blog is at if you'd like to stop by and say hello!
    Favorite ice cream is chocolate.
    Dinner? Skipped it as had a humongous lunch.
    Toilet paper? Definitely OVER! :D

  4. Well, I don't really consider myself a lurker here, but I do read waaaaay more posts here than I actually comment on. I've read your blog for ages, though! Since way back when we interviewed each other for Weekly Geeks. :)

  5. Hi, Suey -- OK, I'll admit it! I often lurk on blogs and leave without a trace. I'll have to try to do better.

    I'm reading Angel Time by Anne Rice,I love the Beatles, my kids never eat what I cook so I always just fix a simple dinner and hope for the best, and when toilet paper is actually on the roll, it's definitely over. And you and your followers are always welcome at my blog, Slice of Life. (To comment or just to visit!)

  6. You got me with the favorite singer question. I can never resist the urge to tell everyone that i love, love, love Elvis Costello.
    Yes, I am a lurker. I spend way more time reading other people's blogs than writing on my own. You can come comment on mine anytime!
    My fave ice cream is Raspberry Truffle from Beth Marie's (the local ice cream shop here in Denton. They have the best homemade ice cream in the world). I had peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner tonight. Sad, yes, but last night I made pasta with pesto and tofu so I do cook! Definitely under.

  7. my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip. As in the ice cream vanilla, the chips choco mint. Mm. Except once at a specialty ice cream shop I had gingerbread flavor and that was superb! But I've never seen it anywhere else.

  8. I'm reading Twenty Boy Summer, not sure what I think yet, and eating vanilla ice cream.

    Lovely blog.

  9. I don't think I've commented here for awhile, so Delurking Day is a good excuse :-). I get your point about the "flasher" logo, but it's actually the "official" one, so I used it. And you've already delurked at my blog, where every comment today means another dollar to the Red Cross for Haitian earthquake relief work - thanks!

  10. I admit it. You can probably call me a bit of a lurker. So, I will delurk.

    Right now, I'm reading Half The Sky by Nicholas Kristof.

    I'm also reading Dreams of Trespass, which is the story of a girl's experience growing up in a harem. I'm reading it for a class I'm taking, but I really like it so far.

    I love Carol King, Neil Diamond, ABBA, and Queen. OK. That's probably way too much information.

    Pancakes for dinner.

    As for the TP, I am not picky about over or under as long as there's paper on the roll!

  11. You're too funny....we've played tag-backs before on our blogs but I guess we should formally unveil ourselves. Yes, I am a lurker far too many days, with an occasional comment because I felt I would burst if I didn't say something!! You're on my sidebar because I love seeing what you're up to and reading.

    I finished "Life as We Knew It" at midnight last night (too cool and it made me want to check my year's supply and count those rolls of toilet paper!) Now I'm ready to launch into "Catching Fire" once the weekend hits. Favorite singer - hmmm, today it's probably Rob Thomas (but on Sundays it's definitely Daniel Beck - he sounds almost like Josh Groban!!) My favorite ice cream, Cold Stone Creamery concoctions or Heath Bar crunch. Yum, Yum! Subway for dinner (so I could munch quietly in the back row while I was at a 5 hour class!!) Toilet paper - I'm an over kind of gal!

    Gosh now I guess you know more about me than you'd ever want to know in person.

    Keep the books and the reviews coming. I appreciate your insight and directions...

  12. I'm a notorious lurker. Sorry. And hi! I'm reading The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood right now. Music isn't really my thing. I have a blog, Reading with Tequila, and it's here. I like chocolate chocolate chip ice cream and I made Chicken Cacciatore Subs for dinner tonight. I have no TP preference.

  13. *lol* I didn't know that it's the de-lurking day :D I've been in and out of your blog once in awhile now, not commenting maybe because I'm terribly shy (As my nickname depicted!).

    Well, currently I'm trying to go through Stephen Kings' book, The Gunslinger. It didn't appeal me much - yet. I do have a blog, you can visit it here. It was born on the past new year, so of course I haven't write anything much yet.

    Will be peeking on your site often from now on and as I've introduced myself, I think I'm shy no more =)

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity to ramble on *lol*

  14. Hello! I'm not a lurker, but I couldn't not say anything on this post..

  15. I like vanilla ice cream. The kind with the little speckles of vanilla bean in it. Yum!

  16. De-lurking Day -- that's really fun!
    I miss Breyer's Neopolitan ice cream. The choco part is so creamy, the strawberry tastes so fruity and the vanilla part has little speckles of vanilla bean in it, as Rebecca Reid just said. And she also said: Yum!

  17. Wow! I think I should do De-lurk Day more often! :)

    Booksync: Thanks for coming by. I've added you to my Reader!

    Amanda: Never annoying. Never.

    Alexia: I've added you to my Reader too, after Bloggiesta.

    Wordlily: Yep, the interview. I remember!

    Joanne: Beatles, yeah! I will be by to visit you too.

    Tonya: Elivs Costello, huh. I'll have to take a listen.

  18. Jeane: Interesting variation on the mint ice cream. I'll have to try that.

    Sherry: Thanks! Twenty Boy Summer sounds interesting.

    Florinda: I know the flasher dude was official, but I rebelled! Thanks for coming by and commenting!

    WinterWrite: I love Neil Diamond, ABBA and Queen too. Cool. And pancakes for dinner sound perfect.

    Inside a Book: So glad you de-lurked too! Life as We Knew It definately makes one ponder food storage. Scary. I loved hear more about you! And thanks for you sweet comment.

    Jennifer: What are you thinking about The Edible Woman... I thought it was a very strange.

    Shy: I DO expect to hear from you more now! No shyness allowed! (Advice for myself too.) I'll be by to visit you soon.

    Clover: Come back come back... and answer all the questions! :)

    Rebecca: Speckles of vanilla bean does sound YUM>

    Bybee: It is fun, this delurking thing! Your ice cream choice does sound pretty scrumptious...

  19. I am a major lurker! I confess, put the rubber hoses away! I am out of the closet now.....

  20. I'm NOT a lurker! Though lurker is my middle name everywhere else. I love Sting, BNL, They Might be Giants, Sarah McLaughlin(sp?), Enya... And ice cream should be chocolate soft serve with reces pieces mixed in. And TP should be OVER. And for dinner I grabbed Del Taco since my date was canceled. I hate dinner too. I'm reading North and South of course, and it's interesting enough at the moment but I'm not finding time to read. And for the record, my to-do list for the weekend is scaring me, so I'm going to hide.

  21. Thanks for delurking on my blog! I'm so disappointed you don't like the flasher picture!!

    Dinner for tonight is still totally in the air. I need to get better at planning...

  22. Not really a lurker... but what the heck.

    I hate making dinner. We're having stir fry tonight.... I think... assuming I don't suffer a major crash from the energy I've had this morning... whatever.

    Will my kids eat the stir fry? Um... no... not likely. But you know what? I'm sick of frozen pizza and macaroni.

  23. Hey Joemmama! Welcome! But really, you can lurk whenever you want. No hoses here.

    Hey Julie! Glad you are enjoying North and South. I wanted to re-read, but haven't found time yet either. Good luck with the to do list. I'm hoping to relax all weekend....

    Hey Emily! Oh, that flasher! Well, it/he actually is pretty cute, but still.

    Hey Britt! Maybe your kids will surprise you and live the stir fry. Energy this morning? When are you due again?

  24. Not due until March sadly. I don't actually get to due dates, though.
    We just found out my iron is too low and I started an iron supplement yesterday, so that could have something to do with it... and the fact that I laid on the couch and read literally all day yesterday can't have hurt... :D

  25. I can honestly say I've never lurked here -- this is my first visit. :-) I followed you here from Joemamma's. You have a lovely blog! I really, really like the header.

  26. I more lurch your blog then lurk it. I am a no show for a couple weeks then come by and get caught up. The problem is I get to feeling weird about my reading choices when I come by, right now I'm reading graphic novels, Watchmen, etc. then I go for weeks with out reading then I read kids books. I wish I was as amazing a reader as you are.

    Oh and I like Starbucks Java Chip ice cream!

    And at our house the toilet paper rarely makes it on to the roll.

    I'm glad I know you, you're one of my favorite people.

  27. Stephanie: Welcome! Come again. Thanks about the header...sometimes I wonder about it really. It's too white or something.

    Boy Mom: How's the Watchmen? I've wondered about that one many a time. And I'm not an amazing reader really, you should see what some of these other book bloggers do. Sheesh.

  28. P.S. to Inside a Book: You mentioned Josh and I didn't even acknowledge! I must go look up this Daniel Beck right now! Never heard of him.

  29. Not a lurker, but new to your blog (for that matter the whole community). Stopped by last week on my book blog commenting tour and liked it here enough to become a follower. Love the Bookword List.

  30. Hi! I read your blog through Boys Are us. I like your suggestions for books. You probably didn't think I was computer literate enough to even discover a blog--did you?
    I also lurk the book club through Jenny. Right now I'm waiting for a new book from Jenny for my birthday.

    I miss teaching with you--I now keep William in nursery so Mary Ann can teach.

    Love ya' Techno Grandma

  31. Suey, I first heard Daniel Beck on an EFY CD that my daughter had. I wondered who was singing You Raise Me Up in a little different way. I was wondering how Josh was on the CD when I read that it was Daniel Beck. I really like his stuff. Enjoy!

    Have a great reading weekend...

  32. You caught me.

    My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

    I just finished reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and am going to be searching out a new book to start today.

    Here's my blog:

  33. Hey,I've commented before, I think. I like your blog!

  34. This is my first time here. I'm doing the comment challenge, and I'm so happy to have found your blog! My favourite ice cream is vanilla crackle, but I usually only have it at Christmastime.

  35. Jan: Thanks for the follow and do you have a suggestion for this week's word? :)

    Techno Grandma: Yeah! I'm so glad you de-lurked! I'm happy you lurk here AND with the book club. You are welcome to join the book club you know... whenever you want!

    Inside a Book: So I looked up Daniel Beck on YouTube and got a german dude, which sounded nothing like Josh. But then I saw the EFY dude and wondered if that was who you were talking about... so thanks for confirming! He does have a nice smooth calming voice.

    Emilee: I will be visiting you!

    Sharon: Thanks for dropping by. I read your stuff all the time too.

    Caroline: Welcome and I hope you enjoyed it enough to come again!

  36. I mostly lurk. I sometimes comment.

    I can't remember your questions. :)

  37. - Do you read books? What are you reading right now? I'm an ADD reader, I have several going at one time, its harder to finish one than to start! I'm constantly getting distracted by new, shiny, pretty looking books!

    - If you read this blog, you know my favorite singer... so... who's yours? fave singer currently is Heather Masse; I heard her on a night of Prairie Home Companion and was just MOVED - she's new to the Wailin' Jenny's as well.

    - Do you have a blog too and can I come comment there? I haven't started a blog yet...I'm still on the fence. I'm not sure if it would be worth it since I already read so many blogs (in other words, there are already so many book blogs out there)

    - What's your favorite ice cream? vanilla with fudge ripple

    - What are you having for dinner tonight? baked chicken, homemade mashed potatoes and steamed veggie

    - Toilet paper.... OVER or UNDER?
    over over over

  38. I'm a lurker. I'd be a more active commenter in the blog world however punctuality is not a strength of mine so I'm usually a week late :P

    I am a blogger, my favorite ice cream is Banana-Berry-Splitz and the toilet paper must be "over" for me (I'm so bothered by the "under" that I actually change it in friends/families homes)



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