Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Quick Bloggiesta Update: Day Three

Just dropping by to update my Bloggiesta progress. Last night, I worked until pretty late trying to clean up Google Reader. But I didn't get very far, so that's the first thing on my list for today. Yesterday, I also composed and emailed some authors for Authors Pick Five... asking them what five books are important to them. We'll see how that goes soon I guess.

Later on today, for my wrap up post I'll share the results of
my survey I put up at the beginning of Bloggiesta asking you all what you looked for in a review post. If you haven't had a chance to answer yet, please hop on over and click your answers. I won't post the results for a few hours still.

I'd like to do a fun and creative Bloggiesta task today too, so hopefully I can write some unique posts to save for later, and do some brainstorming or something.

We'll see how it goes! Hope everyone is still having fun with this and not getting too burned out. I think some were thinking that the event officially ended this morning, but I learned from our
Bloggiesta host herself that it does continue through the day.

So, party on! Ole!

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