Friday, March 16, 2007

All About Me

Hi fellow book lovers! I'm Suey! Welcome to my blog! 

I started this blog several years ago (ten at the time of this writing) to keep track of all my bookish pursuits. While that is still a main part of the blog, it's now morphed into more of a place to discuss books with other like-minded fans and to connect with the community. 

Here you'll find lots of lists, since I seem to get into that. Top Ten lists, favorite lists, what I'm reading lists, book club book lists, and such. You'll also find reviews (or discussions or thoughts) on nearly every book I read. 

Now and then you'll see me either participating in or hosting a read-along. I love doing these things. They are like a little mini one-book book club. 

Recently I've been bitten by the writing bug and so posts about that adventure will be creeping in more and more often. (I've added a tab up top so you can find these posts quickly if you'd like. I've also created a website dedicated just to that.)

There'll also be many posts about "life's other adventures" which include my other media consumption: music, movies and TV. Generally, I love everything pop culture and you'll see a lot of that here. Also, there'll be a few personal posts about family adventures. 

The past year has found me embracing a new passion... the world of Korean pop culture. I have discovered a huge love for Kdramas (Korean TV) and Kpop (Korean music.) This blog has changed to fit in this new love and you'll find many posts describing this awesome world of entertainment. There's also a YouTube channel that you'll want to check out where we are able to totally gush about this genre.

But in the end, no matter the subject of the post, hopefully you'll have some fun clicking around here and joining in my bookish and other adventures!

Random facts about me:
  • I'm a mom with four kids ages 26 to 17. The two oldest are married and we now have a baby granddaughter!
  • I work 12 hours a week at the library in the administration office.
  • I've hosted a neighborhood book club for twelve years.
  • Besides reading and blogging, I love to watch TV and movies, go to music concerts and Broadway shows, travel and take pictures.
  • Recently I've discovered the blast that is Kdramas and Kpop. The Korean wave grabbed me and swept me along!
  • I've also been known to quilt a bit, and scrapbook a bit.
  • I host (and co-host) a four times a year blogathon called Bloggiesta and a once a year celebration called Utah Book Month.
  • Favorites include: Josh Groban, thunderstorms, chocolate chip cookies, jeans and t-shirts, Prison Break, Walking Dead, Super Junior, authors, mountains, BBC shows, Tom Hiddleston, loud music and open windows.
  • Unfavorites: the dentist, cuss words, being late, hot days, celery, heights, sick kids, diets and getting old.
  • Favorite bookish things: YA, classics, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, lists of all sorts, accessible authors, swoony scenes, the Printz award, and Markus Zusak.
Here's what my rating scale means:

Five stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ : One of the best books I've ever read!  Terrific, couldn't put it down

Four stars ★ ★ ★ ★: Very good. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Three stars ★ ★ ★ :  Good... I enjoyed it.

Two stars ★ ★ : It was okay, didn't love it, but didn't hate it. And there was some stuff that bugged me.

One star ★ : Would not recommend, poor and lost interest.

Here's where to find me:

Email: jenstusue AT yahoo DOT com

Review Policy:

I'm currently not accepting books for review as my interests have changed and I'm not reading much. Click here for a full explanation!


  1. Great lists, I need to look at them closer but it looks like we've read a lot of the same stuff.

  2. Yep. There's nothing better than a book blog. What starts out as a personal mission soon provides interesting reading for other visitors.

  3. I love your blog, so much fun! I see that you have a book club, you might want to check out my latest book, Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker. It is my memoir about my life behind the scenes matching the rich and wanna be famous... it is hilarious. There is a lot to discuss about how we see ourselves and others.

  4. Just fyi, I gave you an award!

  5. Love your blog. I'd have to spend more time browsing all that you've written. I love reading books, just that I don't have much access to books so I do away with ebooks. I know I will learn here in your blog.

    keep it going!

  6. Hello Madam..your site inspiring me to read a lot book and share to every people.


  7. Nice to meet you and also of the same church.

  8. I like your website!

  9. I love your blog and have loved the blogging events you've hosted, so I've nominated you for the Shine On award. Thanks for being so awesome :)

  10. Love the photo! And I love your About Me page! I feel like I really know a bit more about you and what I can expect from your blog :D

  11. Your About Me is awesome. I'd like to work at a library too :D



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