Friday, January 1, 2010

Year End Number Crunching:2009

Today, I've been going through my notebook and counting a bit and this is what I've come up with:

Total Books Read: 87
Total Pages Read: 29,216
Total Re-reads: 2 (The Kite Runner and Wuthering Heights)

Books by Male Authors: 32
Books by Female Authors: 33
Books by a Mixed Team: 2

Books Read from the Library: 30
Books Read from the TBR Stash: 52
Books Read that were Borrowed: 5

Books Read For:
Face to Face Book Clubs: 13
Challenges: 23
Blog Tours and/or Reviews from ARCs: 9
For Fun: 42

YA/MG Books Read: 58
Adult Fiction Books Read: 29

Genres in the Adult Category:
NF: 0 (WHAT?)
Classics: 4 (Pathetic!)
Literary Fiction: 8
SF/Fantasy: 7
Historical Fiction: 5
Romance-ish: 1
Mystery-ish: 4

Genres in the YA/MG Category:
Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal: 30
Historical Fiction: 4
Romance: 12
Other: 12

Authors Discovered:
Sherman Alexie
Melina Marchetta
Alex Flinn
Aprilynne Pike
M.T. Anderson
Suzanne Collinis
Angela Morrison
Cormac McCarthy

... just to name a few.

Observations: How in the world did I get through the year without reading one single non-fiction book? What's up with that? Sheesh, that's got to change. Also, I seriously need more classics... seriously. Things are still a little heavy in the science fiction/fantasy category too.

In year's past, the YA and the Adult have been fairly even. This year, the YA took over. What's up with that? Interesting.

But I am glad to see that most of the books I read are "for fun", spontaneous, and just because I want to. Challenges, reviews, tours, clubs, etc. haven't taken over... yet. And most of the books I read still come from my own stash, which is nice.

That's about it. It would have been nice to make it to the 100 mark, but oh well.

And with that, I think I'm officially done pondering the past year. Now... on with 2010!


  1. Yay for number crunching! It looks like you had a great reading year, Suey! You made good progress with your TBR stash.

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year, full of good books and many hours of reading.

  2. I love the statistical analysis. Happy reading in 2010!

  3. I love numbers. For some reason I really like reading these sorts of stats pages. :)

  4. Literary Feline: Thanks! You too!

    Alison: Statistics can be quite fun, huh? :)

    Amanda: The numbers are oddly interesting, I know. And quite revealing.



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