Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bookword Results and a New Word

I must say, it's been a weird week for me and the Bookword Game. Firstly, I royally messed up the poll, redid it and therefore lost all the first day's voting. (Hopefully most of you came back and re logged your vote.) Secondly, I submitted an idea word, which to me is weird to begin with, but I suppose sometimes we should participate in our own game? I don't know.

So then it became a show down between my word (A Crossover Book) and Arcona's word (Auld Lang Syner.) I begged for a tiebreaker vote and suddenly, my word is the winner!

Weird. Or as the kids say.... awkward.

So.... a book that you start reading in one year, and finish up in the next year will now be known as a Crossover Book!

Moving on....

For our new word, let's think of one that describes the situation when you are reading a book, and you end up being able to only picture the character as the actor that portrays that character.

Such as will the face of Colin Firth forever be Mr. Darcy to you? Or will Harry Potter always have the face of Daniel Radcliffe, even if you read half of the series before the movie? Then there's those Twilight guys of course. Could you go back and read Twilight again without picturing them?

What should we call this particular phenomenon?

As always, comment with your suggestions!


  1. great suggestion!

    How about a casted book?

  2. This is one situation that has begged for a bookword to define it! Looking forward to see the suggestions!

  3. Star Lit Book

    Screen-plagued Book or just Screen Plagued

    oop, my 30 seconds to think are over!

  4. Gone Hollywood, as in My book characters have gone Hollywood, and I can't recover my original images of them.

  5. Hi,

    All Examination results here in This site.

  6. How about AttiPeck, a tribute to Gregory Peck's complete ownership of the role of Atticus?



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