Friday, January 8, 2010

Bloggiesta Update: Day One

I've been having tons of fun so far at the Bloggiesta party! Here's my first day's update.

Time spent: about 7 hours give and take

What I accomplished so far:

  • challenges all signed up for, pages posted, and slide show updated

  • Support Your Local Authors now on sidebar

  • Blog Roll cleaned up... a bit

  • 2009 tab changed to 2010 and linked to new 2010 page

  • Alphabetical Review Index all updated
What everyone else is doing that I hope to add to my list:

  • labels, yuck, labels

  • write some draft posts

  • brainstorm

  • guest posts?
  • Gilmore Girls
  • YouTube hopping to find Bloggiesta music!

  • Dinner

  • chocolate cravings

  • kids, kids, kids

  • accidental deletions... dang

  • should be reading!
Mini Challenges?
  • Comment challenge
  • I tried the favicon thing... gave up

  • I tried the export your blog one... gave up

  • There was another one I tired too, and I forgot already what it was, and... gave it up too.
That being said, I'm having a great time! That's it for tonight. I'm tired and done. Hopefully I have a little left for reading. Until tomorrow then! I still have plenty to do!


  1. You had a really productive first day! I had way too many distractions get in my way, so will try harder to focus tomorrow. Great job!

  2. You got a lot accomplished! I spent quite a bit of time but am not sure I accomplished very much :)!

    Good Luck with Day 2!

  3. "labels, yuck, labels"

    Yeah, I spent more hours on labels yesterday than all the rest put together. And I already HAD labels. I was just adding a few more and rearranging some! Sigh.

  4. I like that you listed your distractions. I had a few of those myself. Keep up the good work.

  5. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading this. You go girl, love your distractions.

  6. Great job so far. I hope bloggiesta is making all of your updating more fun!

  7. What a great first day! Keep up the great work!

  8. Thank you for the encouragement! You've really accomplished a lot so far -- that's awesome! I look forward to reading more of you posts & have added you into my Google Reader. Happy 2010!

  9. Thanks for the cheerleading y'all. And Boy Mom, this party is for all bloggers... you should join us!

    Not sure how day 2 will turn out. Saturdays are a bit of a toss up around here.

  10. Suey - You make me laugh! I love your distractions and the whole giving up thing. So...perfect. It sounds like you are totally enjoying yourself, which is what Bloggiesta is all about! I can't wait to see what you do during the rest of the weekend! Go Pedro!

  11. You did really well considering all the distractions! Good work :-) I agree. Labels are yuck.



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