Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bloggiesta To Do List

Here's what I'm thinking I'll try to accomplish during Bloggiesta, which is happening this coming weekend, starting tomorrow in fact:

-- update challenge slide show and page links

-- feature Support Your Local Authors on sidebar

-- email some authors about Authors Pick Five and get that feature going again

-- survey readers about what they look for in reviews

-- finish catching up on the alphabetical master review list

-- start an author master review list

-- clean up blog roll

-- figure out how to make my header smaller, so there's more stuff above the fold: FORGET this... I don't know how, and my computer programmer husband can't seem to figure out how either. Code is lost somewhere, code is weird, code is a pain.

-- figure out how to add stuff in a footer...maybe

-- compose a review policy

-- update top tab from 2009 books read to 2010 books read

-- MARK ALL AS READ in Google Reader! Well, I can at least try.

I may add to this list as I think of more things, and will also come here to cross them off as I do them. It's going to be interesting to see if I can accomplish as much as want to.

To participate and for more ideas on what to do, sign up here over at the Maw Books Blog.

And a little P.S. here: Because I'm such a doofus, I goofed in my bookword poll of yesterday. So I edited it, which of course, reset the whole thing. So if you voted yesterday, please come back and log in your vote again! Thanks!


  1. How about marking All Read in GR and starting over? Great projects you got here. This should be able to be accomplished. If you need some help on the header thing let me know. It may be kind of hard to make it smaller but with the stacked books and still have them readable but I see what you mean about it needing to be shorter. Great post!

  2. Looks like you have a lot of stuff to get done! Hope you enjoy the Bloggiesta.

  3. I'm getting so excited for Bloggiesta!

  4. You have some great goals for the weekend! I would like to start a master book list as well, and since I have only been keeping records for a year it shouldn't take too long, right?

    I look forward to seeing all your blog changes.

  5. That's a lot of goals! I'd love to have a master list but it seems like SO MUCH WORK. Every time I redo my header it gets smaller and smaller. I'm almost to where I want it to be.

  6. Do you mean in the feed footer? If you want, email me and I'll give you a lesson. So easy!

    Have fun! the funnest thing I did last year, well, the only thing i did, was making the gravatar, the symbol for the blog instead of the orange B.

  7. Great goals! I wouldn't even know how to begin to make my header smaller. I would just like to know how to get my title off centered! I am so afraid of messing around too much without help!
    Good luck and I look forward to seeing all your changes.

  8. Pam: Ah, but it's so hard!

    Ash: Yes, for sure. I hope I have time.

    Amanda: I'm excited too, I didn't get to to it last time.

    Molly: Go for it!

    Lisa: Go for it! :) (It is a lot of work.)

    Raidergirl: I know how to do what you are talking about, but I'm talking about is a footer right on the blog itself, not the feed. BUT, I do need a gravatar lesson. I have NO IDEA how to do that!

    Kim: I don't know how either, so that one probably won't get done. But we'll see. I'm scared of messing things up too, but sometimes being brave pays off.

  9. Thanks for sharing your goals! It's really helping me get organized to see others planning their blogs. Looking forward to participating in the Bloggiesta with you!

  10. You have a great plan for the Bloggiesta! I have to tell you I love your blog header. That is so cool! :)

    Have a great weekend!



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