Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little TV, Books, Movies and Music

All that blogging over the weekend must have fried my blogging brain because I'm suddenly wiped out from all blogging ideas! So I thought I'd ramble today, because, it's been awhile and everyone seems to like the rambling posts, and since I want to blog, but can't think of anything, it just makes sense to ramble, you know?

HEY!! Guess what starts up again tonight? American Idol! Who's with me? Are we ready to discover some more amazing singers? I actually can't believe it's time to start it all over again. I'm looking forward to Ellen as a judge. I think she will be quite fun really.

Ah wasn't Chuck great? He's such a dude. And Lost... it's coming up soon! Then Heroes is back, as weird as ever. But I'm still hooked. Oh, then there was the Survivor finale. I was SO rooting for cute Brett. Oh, well. But the new all stars season looks like it's going to be fun. Rock on Survivor!


I haven't finished any books in, like, forever, because I'm reading two huge chunky epic fantasies! Epic I tell you! (Great word, epic.) I'm loving them both, and so far, haven't had too many problems mixing them up in my brain. We'll see how long that lasts. I can't wait to tell you all about them! And once those are done, I have classics to read. Fantasy, classics! I love 'em both!


So have you all seen Avatar yet? Thumbs up or down? Thumbs up for me. I thought it was so so cool. The 3D made me a little woozy after it was all over, but still. It was worth it. I have yet to see Sherlock Holmes and I'm dying to. Soon, very soon.


I "discovered" a "new" Josh Groban song. I have no idea what it's saying, but it makes me totally happy. You've got to listen:

But mostly it's been all about Adam Lambert around here since Christmas. It appears we all love his album, as for me, it's his mellow songs that I especially love:

So how about you? What TV are you enjoying this new year? What cool movies have you seen? What books are you loving right now? And what music is currently stuck in your head?

Okay, enough rambling. Time for spaghetti!


  1. Just wanted to say a: LOVE American Idol and Adam Lambert and b: go see Sherlock Holmes. Sooooo good.

  2. Idol was on at my house tonight. I love that show! I have read 6 books this month and they have been quite eclectic in nature. I'm starting a new one tonight called Yesterday Morning--not a new book by any means. I think it is actually out of print. My husband and both sons have seen Avatar and all have loved it. My husband said it is one of the few movies he doesn't consider the extra cost for 3D isn't a waste!
    Have a great week--

  3. I LOVED Avatar! As did my family. We saw Sherlock Holmes too. My teen daughter loved it; I thought it was OK. It seemed really long to me and slow in parts, maybe I was just tired. Definitely go see it.

  4. N gave me the choice, do we see Avatar or Sherlock Holmes at the cinema (there is so little time to go to the cinema) so we saw Avatar in 3D. I loved it. I still think about it sometimes even though it's been a few weeks since I saw it. Is that weird?

    As for other movies and things, we just got the movies package through our cable thing, and I've just seen Secret Life of Bees. Heartbreaking, but then I knew that because I've read the book. Even N enjoyed it. And then last night we watched Burn After Reading. That was a very strange film.

    TV - I can't really think of anything. Oh, besides Glee, which just started here in the UK. That show makes me happy.

    Music - N bought Hank Green's CDs for me just after Christmas and that's all I've been playing lately.

    Books - I'm on a kick at the moment to finish the required books for the 1% well-read challenge and I'm reading a bunch of books off of the 1001 books to read before you die list. I'm 1/3 of the way through The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway and have read the first page of Unless by Carol Shields, but it's a promising start so far.

    You know, I could have answered this on my blog. I might still!

  5. YAY for those two fantasy book - I'm so glad you're enjoying them BOTH! And I loved AVATAR as well, as did Kiddo. :)

  6. I plan on reading more chunksters this year so I'll he interested to read your upcoming reviews. In between chunksters I'll need to learn how to ramble as well as you do. :)

    I liked Chuck a lot but, whoa, I thought the way Emmitt was killed was a little much. I know we all hated Emmitt but, yikes. That was harsh.

  7. Veronica: I'm a bit of an American Idol freak. If you come back during these next few months, you'll see...

    Kim: Wow, six books already. I need to get moving!

    Bree: I need to see Sherlock just for the Robert Downey Jr. factor.

    Clover: Loved reading all your thoughts! Hank Green's CDs, huh? I may have to look into that.

    Heather: Yay!

    Kim (the other one): I hope I get done with something so I can do a review! Oh, and yes, I agree with the Emmitt thing on Chuck. I kept thinking... did what I think happen really happen?



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