Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Vampire Wars

I happened upon this article on Yahoo's news page today. Yes, it sort of stuck out to me having recently read Interview with the Vampire. While reading this book,  I did find myself "comparing" vampires in my head just a little so it was interesting to read that Rice commented on her Facebook page about her vampires versus the Twilight vampires. Click on over here to see it for yourself. You can see everyone is having a blast commenting! And taking their vampires so very seriously! I love it! (It's quite obvious to me this comment was said to be funny, but I'm not sure everyone took it that way!)

So of course, now I want to know, from you my favorite readers, which vampires are your favorite? And I'm not talking just Lestat and Louis vs. Edward and Jasper (or whoever). We're talking ALL the vampires you are familiar with.

Such as, Bram Stoker's Dracula and those found in The Historian. Then there's Stefan and Damon of The Vampire Diaries of course. The Passage has vampire-ish sort of things. The fun TV show Moonlight had some pretty cool vampires.

Some I'm aware of but not familiar with are the True Blood guys (and I think they are the same as Sookie Stackhouse, yes?) And there's the Vampire Academy, and the vampires in the House of Night series (I've just read the first one.) Scott Westerfeld has Peeps.

Oh my there's TONS more of course! There's no way I can think of them all. These are just the few that come to mind first.

So, guys, I must know. Who is your most favorite?

Other questions I'm pondering:

Are you bugged that vampires have been so "messed" with over the years? Is there a right way and a wrong way to portray them? Is the original Dracula still the best?

Are you of the camp that they are all fine... except Twilight?

Do you think vampires need to look a certain way and have certain characteristics (or shall we say NOT have certain characteristics) to be deserving of the name?

Hey wait! Are vampires real? Do they exist? (If you've read The Historian, it does make you wonder!) Or do you think, why even a discussion on fake mythological creatures?

Do you even enjoy this vampire thing? Maybe they disgust you and you never understood the craze? Maybe you did once, but are sick of it now? Maybe you will love them always?

Let the vampire wars begin! :)


  1. haha! Suey I think you're looking for a war =) I know those die-hard Twilight fans are passionate about their vampires. I have seen the original Dracula, I have read all the Twilight books, some of Anne Rice's novels, watched Interview with the Vampire, LOVE LOVE LOVE The Vampire Diaries, I'm a True Blood fan but only read the first 4 Sookie Stackhouse books. Through it all, the only thing I can say that I've learned is that everyone has a difference of opinion and I quite like it. I enjoy seeing all the "versions" of a vampire. Some are sweet, some are nasty and some are just so hot you want to jump right into the book you're reading or tv show (ahem, Damon!) you're watching!!

  2. Oh dear. I didn't think I really had an opinion about vampires. Whether they're evil monsters (The Passage) or sparkly love gods...I don't really care. I'm finding, however, that my favorites are the ones that are bad but sorta good too. Like Damon, though he's a little boring when he's too good, and Henry from the Blood Books by Tanya Huff, (swoon) or Stephen from the Mercedes Thompson series. (sigh) But my all time favorite vampire ever is....Josef, Mick's friend from the TV show Moonlight. (melt into a puddle)

  3. Kristina: Good answer good answer! Ahem, Damon is right! :)

    Jenny: I agree totally. And I too loved Josef. Dang I miss those guys!

  4. I've always had a fascination with vampires, but I'm not all that familiar with them. I've only read three series that solely focus on vampires. And, two series with vampires mentioned or have an MC that's one. And, I watched Moonlight from beginning to end and I've seen a few vampire movies, but not many.

    I don't think they're real in the traditional sense. But, I do think that the myths are based on reality like most myths are.

    As far as who's my favorite, I don't think I can choose just one because I like them all, honestly. I love learning new mythology. That's why Twilight was so fascinating to me. I also love the traditional mythology. They all have something for me to be interested in.

    Okay, cop out. Say it! My favorite vampire is Jasper Hale and Simon Lewis. Now, whether that changes as I read more vampire books, I can't say. But, with my current exposure that's how it is right now.

  5. YAY for Jasper and Simon!

    I too love the mythology and legends behind vampires. Fascinating stuff.

  6. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is definitely the best vampire ever! :-) I'm also a fan of Angel and Harmony from the Angel spin-off.

  7. Vampires? Not so much. Though, I like Evie's view of them in Paranormalcy (and their old withered bodies). Pretty much that's how I would imagine super old guys with no liquids of their own would look like.

  8. I used to be a hardcore vampire purist. If it didn't match Anne Rice's vision of the vampire, I didn't want anything to do with it.

    I eventually loosened up enough to watch Buffy, though, and it converted. Nowadays, I'm fine with just about anything, though I still like Anne Rice's version best. It never feels right to me when vampires wander around in the daytime, even if they stick to the shadows. :)

    Lestat was my favourite vampire for almost a decade, but I do believe Spike (from Buffy) has now edged him out. I <3 Spike.

  9. Just stopping in to state my undying love for Spike from BtVS, Con from SUNSHINE, and Stefan from the Mercy Thompson series. Those are my faves and I discovered them in that order.
    :) They kind of span my favorite awesome/fearsome qualities about vampires.

  10. K, I had to comment again cause I'm reading people's comments and being reminded of Spike, who is AWESOME indeed, and Con from Sunshine. Both are great too and both have that sorta bad but sorta good thing going.

  11. Spike from Buffy! I'm with Angiegirl on this one.

  12. Joanna: Spike, I need to get to know him it seems.

    Melissa: Not into the vampires? Evie's vampires were pretty different from what we normally see that's for sure!

    Memory: There's that Spike again! I have yet to get into Buffy! I must be missing something!

    Angie: Okay okay on Spike! Ah, Con! I forgot about him. I read that like, before all the vampire hype too and was very much taken with him.

    Jenny: I've watched the first few Buffys, was Spike in those? Because if he was, I don't even remember.

    Lisa: Spike seems to have won my little war here! Way to go Spike! :)



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