Friday, September 28, 2012

My Readers.. I have questions for you!

It's time I found out what you think.... again! Yes, I did this survey several years ago, but I'm sure (I hope anyway) that I have some new readers and follows and now I need to know again who's out there and what you think about things around here. And what better time than Bloggiesta time?

So here's a survey for you! It's fast, it's easy, so please make me happy and fill it out. Thanks so much for coming and reading and commenting and being here! You are all AWESOME!



  1. I so need to do one of these, just don't know what I want to ask my readers!

  2. Fun survey! Really got a kick out of some of the answers! :)

  3. nice survey! the options for answers were really good.


  4. Great questions! I may steal them, lol.

  5. I think you should blog about all your emails you are deleting... fun right...

  6. Just commenting cause I'm a real life friend and I have to. ;)

    1. Jenny: I had to stick that one in there for you! you made me really LOL with this comment. :)

  7. Nice survey--I may do one someday once I get some current content, and some readers LOL

  8. Very smart way to understand the opinions of your readers...I might have to use it myself. The form was so easy to fill out, too!

  9. Fun survey! I usually keep up with blogs through Google Reader, so I don't often see all the menu and sidebar links to remind me that they're there. :)
    (And I couldn't decide if I was allowed to choose the "friends in real life" option since we have never actually met, although I do consider you my friend!)



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