Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BBAW 2012: The Meaning of Book Blogging

The prompt for today's BBAW topic is "what does book blogging mean to you?" 

For me, it has one simple basic meaning, and that is..... to blog about books and get a conversation going with other like minded bookish fans. 

But if you would like me to elaborate:

It means being able to let lose with your love (or hate) of a book and or author... and not feel like everyone is looking at you weird. Well, at least not TOO weird.

It means reading the same book with other bloggers and talking about it (aka a read along.)

It means challenging each other to "read more books!" Or to branch out and try something new. Or to remember and revisit the "good old books" or to participate in something bookishly fun.

It means commenting as much as you can on other blogs to help facilitate the conversation mentioned above.... which then leads to connections and relationships with other bloggers.

It means writing posts that get people thinking about and talking about books....whether that's reviews, lists, discussions, etc.

It means supporting the general bookish community, both online and off, and supporting authors by putting your money where you mouth is... if you at all can.

And finally, it means having fun!


  1. Excellent post, Suey! And WOOT for fun!

  2. Amen! Great response, Suey. As always. :-)

  3. Ah, I love all these posts! I don't think I'll even be able to write one, they are all too amazing. :)

  4. Amen! Great post Suey, completely agree with all of that. :)

  5. I love your sum up, it's bang on :)

  6. Fun!!! These are all points that I value about blogging as well, but maybe most importantly is the not getting weird looks bit. I love that we can put ourselves out here and still be embraced. Hugs to you Suey.

  7. I fully agree! It feels great to be among book crazy people like us!

    BBAW: Meaning of Book Blogging

  8. YEA!! It is fun... sometimes I spend an hour going through blogs I follow and don't know where the time went!!

  9. Great post! Isn't it wonderful when other people "get" you and don't look at you like you're weird? Love that!

  10. I love your post - very clever with the photos and wonderful points made.

    To me blogging is all about the wonderful bloggers who make it happen.

    Stop by to see my post if you like.

    Have a fun day.


    Silver's Reviews

  11. Amen! Everyone's posts today are so lovely.

  12. Thanks everyone for you comments today! I'm glad you've enjoyed my take on things. :)

  13. It's definitely about having fun!

  14. I love book blogging for all those reasons too!



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