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Once upon a time I had an official challenge to support local authors. But things have changed and now I have another blog  where a few of us Utah bloggers try to keep track of our local Utah authors and where we make a concentrated effort to celebrate them once a year in August. Check out the links and lists there.

But here on my own blog, I enjoy listing books by Utah authors as I read them, linking also to my reviews. I'll sometimes also list books on my TBR that are by Utah authors with the hope that I'll get to them soon.

This list is meant to be a working list and will be added to as I continue to discover more and more local authors. And, of course, as those authors continue to keep writing and adding to my list of books to read!

Shannon Hale
  The Goose Girl (pre blog)
  Enna Burning (pre blog)
  River Secrets (pre blog)
  Forest Born
  Princess Academy (pre blog)
  Palace of Stone
  Book of a Thousand Days
  The Actor and the Housewife
  Rapunzel's Revenge
  Calamity Jack
  Midnight in Austenland

Brandon Sanderson
  The Well of Ascension
  The Hero of Ages
  Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians
  Alcatraz vs. the Scrivener's Bones
  Alcatraz vs. the Knights of Crystallia
  The Gathering Storm
  Towers of Midnight
  A Memory of Light
  The Way of Kings
  The Rithmatist
  Words of Radiance

Sara Zarr
  The Story of a Girl (read but didn't review?)
  Once Was Lost
  The Lucy Variations
  How to Save a Life

Brandon Mull
  Fablehaven (read but didn't review?)
  Fablehaven: The Rise of the Evening Star
  Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague
  Fablehaven: Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary
  Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison
  The Candy Shop War
  Beyonders: A World Without Heros
  Beyonders: The Seeds of Rebellion

James Dashner
  The 13th Reality: A Journal of Curious Letters
  The 13th Reality: The Hunt for Dark Infinity
  The 13th Reality: The Blade of Shattered Hope
  The Maze Runner
  The Scorch Trials
  The Death Cure
  The Kill Order
  The Eye of Minds

J. Scott Savage
  Farworld: Land Keep
  Farworld: Water Keep
  Case File 13: Zombie Kid

Ann Dee Ellis
  This is What I Did
  Everything Is Fine

Bree Despain
  The Dark Divine
  The Lost Saint
  The Savage Grace
  The Shadow Prince
  The Eternity Key

Emily Wing Smith
  They Way He Lived
  Back When You Were Easier to Love

Dan Wells
  I Am Not a Serial Killer
  Mr. Monster
  I Don't Want to Kill You
  The Hollow City

Josi Kilpack
  Devil's Food Cake
  English Trifle
  Lemon Tart

Mette Ivie Harrison
  The Princess and the Hound
  The Princess and the Bear
  The Princess and the Snowbird
  The Princess and the Horse
  Mira, Mirror (read but didn't review?)
  The Monster in Me
  Tris and Izzie
  The Rose Throne
  The Bishop's Wife

Jessica Day George
  Dragon Slippers
  Dragon Flight (read but didn't review?)
  Dragon Spear
  Princess of the Midnight Ball
  Princess of Glass
  Princess of the Silver Woods
  Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

Lisa Mangum
  The Hourglass Door
  The Golden Spiral
  The Forgotten Locket
  After Hello

Ann Canon
  The Loser's Guide to Life and Love
  Amazing Gracie
  Cal Cameron by Day, Spiderman by Night (pre blog)
  Charlotte's Rose

Annette Lyon
  A Band of Sisters
  Lost Without You

Obert Skye
  Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (pre blog)
  Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret
  Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want
  Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra
  Leven Thumps and the Ruin of Alder

Sydney Salter
  My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters
  Swoon at Your Own Risk

Wendy Toliver
  The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren

Matthew Kirby
  The Clockwork Three

Carol Lynch Williams
  The Chosen One
  Miles from Ordinary
  Signed, Skye Harper

Allyson Condie
  Being Sixteen
  Freshman for President
  First Day

Elana Johnson
   Something About Love

Cory Poulson

Brodi Ashton

Heather Dixon

Sheila Neilson
   The Forbidden Sea

Robison Wells
   Dead Zone

Carolyn Twede Frank
   The Hitler Dilemma

Kristen Chandler
  Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me
  Girl Don't Fly

Kristen Landon
  The Limit

Abel Keogh
  The Third

Amber Argyle
  Witch Song
  Witch Born

E.J. Patten
  Return to Exile

Angela Corbett
  Eternal Starling

Julianne Donaldson

Jennifer A. Nielsen
  The False Prince
  The Runaway King
  The Shadow Throne
  Mark of the Thief

Heather Justesen
  Shear Luck

Natalie Whipple
  House of Ivy and Sorrow

J.R. Johansson
  Cut Me Free

Josh Hanagarne
  The World's Strongest Librarian

Donna Weaver
   A Change of Plans

Michelle Davidson Argyle
   The Breakaway

Beca Mark
   Pros of Prozac

Tristi Pinkston
   Turning Pages

Heather Frost

Sara B. Larson

Karey White
   My Own Mr. Darcy

Daniel Coleman

M.K. Hutchins

Camron Wright
   The Rent Collector

Nathan Hale
   The Donner Dinner Party

Brittney Mulliner
   Begin Again

Jennifer Moore
   Becoming Lady Lockwood

Shallee McArthur
   The Unhappening of Genesis Lee

Sarah M. Eden
   Longing For Home

Courtney Alameda

Amy Finnegan
   Not In the Script

Valynne E. Maetoni
   Ink and Ashes

Julie Daines
   Eleanor and the Iron King

Johnny Worthen

Ilima Todd


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