Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Finally Fall!

It's been awhile since I've done one of these rambling musings posts, so it's time!

Outside my window: Dark, clear and beautiful on this Saturday night. Fall is coming. I'm happy.

I am listening to: The BYU Utah football game, and it ain't pretty.

I am watching: Yeah, the game. And you know, I never watch games. Football, whatever. But I thought I'd join in the excitement of the huge rivalry this night, and now I'm sorry I did. What an awful game for us BYU fans. But for Utah, happy day!

Other stuff I'm watching this week: Survivor started and I must say, Ozzy is so very nice to look at. And then there's Vampire Diaries, and lots of nice people to look at there. Yay for new TV! Dr. Who is still slowly going on the Netflix, and what a fun show that is too! But I haven't seen a movie for a long time. Need to catch The Help I think.

I am thinking: that I have a ton of reviews to write suddenly. Yay! I've finished some books and must tell you all about them!

I am grateful for: fresh tomatoes and peppers from the garden even though about this time they are starting to drive me crazy!

I am reading: Just started The Sky is Everywhere today. Very good so far. Sad though. But it's about a clarinet band geek! That's totally me in high school! Kind of a strange thing really.

I am photographing: These books I got during my final trip to Borders:

I am listing: Books I reviewed this year! I got all caught up here and here while watching the game tonight. It was my own little mini Bloggiesta!

I am hoping and praying: That I survive this experience of sending kids out the door to be on their own. This transition is hard for me.

Around the house: It's actually sort of clean around here. Know why? Book club was this week! :)

From the kitchen:  I made homemade root beer for the blogger party last week, then dumped half of it down the drain. Too much left over. Also in the recent past I made brownies.... and two sets of cookies that didn't turn out... stuffed peppers, 'cause we have peppers (see above)... oh, and a really yummy frozen dessert thing for book club that I was craving and it was so worth it.

Some of my favorite things: All the bookish events of the past week! First, there was the blogger party, which is always a good time. Then it was BBAW which was fantastic as usual. And then on Thursday we got book club going again! I'll have a report post up soon about that, but we sure had fun. And laughed so hard at some points I thought we'd all die.

The children this week: One kid seems to have recovered from his concussion. One kid had a paying band gig. One kid went on a date. And one kid got 100% on her Algebra test, the class that she had a panic attack about on the first day!

Plans for the week: So I thought my stint doing book fairs was over! But guess what? I'll now be helping at the middle school/high school were both my remaining at home kids are going now! So, that's what I'll be doing this week and next.

On this date: Here's last year's first book club of the year report, two years ago I was pondering present tense, which is interesting because I feel the need to ponder it again... I thinking that EVERYTHING is in present tense these days... it's really strange. And three yeas ago, wow, I was really into Heroes. Remember that? Ah Sylar and Peter and Mohinder...I kinda miss you guys!

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. Hey! If you want to read Interview with a Vampire next month, can you email me? I just want to know when we want to have it read by, etc...

    I am jealous of these huge stacks of books people got for very cheap. I mean, it is sad that Borders closed, but still... jealous! :)

  2. I am loving this fall weather. Enjoy your new books. Slammerkin is absolutely wonderful!

  3. What is the frozen dessert you made?? I am curious and hungry! I miss heroes too, but the fizz went out of it too soon! Book club is this next saturday for me... kinda nervous it will just be me and my roommie...

  4. Mmmm that dessert was yummy. Yay for the return of book club and fall and a new season of TV.

  5. Fall? Like with leaves and crisp, cool air? Oh yeah, I think we saw a bit of it this week. It was actually under 100 for 3 days! Yep, that was fall.

    I loved your post about your week. I feel like my life has been a bit of Groundhog Day for the past few weeks. I missed book group this week, have worked far too much and miss reading for fun. Thanks for reminding me of what I need to aim for. I can't wait now to read your reviews. That helps me keep a little more focused.

    I am thinking of you as you let some of these kiddos "go" out onto their own. It's bittersweet when you realize that coming home isn't quite the same. But they will ALWAYS be yours!!! I savor that!

    Enjoy the fall for me and send me just a little bit....

  6. I love the format of your post. I might have to seek permission to replicate it. It sounds like you had a busy but nice week. Here is to a great week this week!

  7. She got 100 on her math quiz, thats great!

  8. I hope you like The Sky Is Everywhere. It was a crying book for me, but I really liked it.
    (And can we just pretend like that football game never happened?) :(

  9. sounds like it was a big week for the kids, and I hope that you will survive the transitions with your kids as well.

    haven't seen a film in a while either. and with the shows starting back up for the Fall Season, I wonder when I will get to it... and then there is the stack of books I want to be reading.

    looking forward to hearing about these books you've finished.


  10. Kailana: I emailed you! Let's start mid Oct... the book doesn't look hard at all.

    Reviews: I've heard such good things about Slammerkin, but I'm still a little nervous for it....

    Megs: Mom calls it Mint Dazzler. So freaking good. Can't wait to hear about your book club. Blog the details okay?

    Jenny: Yay!

    Inside: Yes, fall, with crisp cool air, but no leaves yet. When they come shall I mail you one? I have your address around here somewhere I bet. And I do hope the kids will always be mine because right now it doesn't feel like it. :(

    Literary Feline: Feel free to steal away. I stole from Ibeeeg, who stole from someone else...

    Drew: YUP.

    Shelley: Who was your favorite? Were you mesmerized by Sylar?

    Kathy: Loved it.

    L: Yes, we need to go see a movie! Which one do you think?

  11. I was mesmerized by Sylar, but I think I had a crush on Peter, once he cut that hair hanging down in his face after Season 1! I also loved Hiro and Ando. They just made me so happy!



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