Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson

Book: Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson
Genre: YA Mystery
Rating: C+ (don't everyone fall down at once!)
From: garage book sale

I know... I KNOW! Look at that rating would you? If I use the rating scale I say I do, this is what it would get... Okay, but would not recommend. Yeah, so this book was not quite what I expected a bit disappointing for me.

First all, I thought for some reason it would have an element of the supernatural so I listed as a RIP read, but it didn't at all. However, it was a mystery sort of story, which still counts so I guess I'm still official there! As you may know, though, mysteries tend to not be my favorite, mostly because I don't ever really care about the solving of the crime or the process one goes through to solve a crime. It bores me. So that was the first hurdle this book had to cross and didn't do very well.

The second was there was not much of story here. There's this girl who is going to this rich fancy school, yet she is in an outsider geeky group. One day she gets invited to hang with the popular kids. When she goes to the party that night, the cool cute guy is all interested in her (which yet again happens too fast for me... I like the build up of relationships,  you know?) and so they kiss and he falls down dead. (This is not a spoiler, it's in the title you see.) So it's a mess and she leaves to her grandma's boarding school where she whines and mopes and wonders what happened and why the kid died. The end.

Oh, there are a few clues thrown out here and there, but nothing really shocking. And then at the end, it seems we might... just might... be getting somewhere and then the book ends. Yes, I think there's a sequel, but this book was barely there anyway, why not just finish the thing? Gah, it's so frustrating sometimes.

You all know (I think) that I'm very very forgiving when it comes to the writing element of books. First of all, I don't have a clue, and second I'm usually too wrapped up in the story to care about the writing. But this writing did nothing for me. Very repetitive and surface-y. I think it's good writing that gets readers into the characters and makes us care about them, and with this story I really really didn't care.

But I did keep reading, because I did want to find out what happened, even though I never did. And there is a cute gardener boy that I was hoping to see more of, but his appearances were rare.

Anyway, there you have it. A book I didn't like. Take note and mark it down.

Bottom line: I plodded through this one.

Have you read it? And what did you think?

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  1. Ha ha! I love what you put about your rating. I'll admit that it's quite shocking to see something below a B. :) But, I'm the same way, so I understand.

  2. yeah, noticed that unusually low rating right away!! bound to happen, though, right? anyway, your summary of the non-story was awesome!


  3. LOL, YES! A book you didn't like. ;) To be honest, it sounded pretty awful but that could just be your dislike effecting me. I wish you didn't like more books, this review had me laughing.

  4. I am about the same. I am usually pretty good at picking books for myself so I rarely have low-rated books. Not that I rate anyway...

  5. Ooh, I'm almost intrigued enough by your "low" rating to try it... Actually, no. I think it would not be for me either.



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