Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Book: Divergent by Veronica Roth
Genre: YA Dystopian
Rating: A
For: Fun
From: Borrowed from Jenny

Wow, and finally I can feel like I know what all the fuss is about surrounding this book! Did you see that it won like, everything, for the BBAW book awards?

First, for those of you slower at getting to this one than even me.... it's about a future society set in Chicago where people are divided into different factions according to their personalities. Well, at least that's how the factions were created. Each faction is in charge different careers in the society, whatever best suits their personality. When kids get to be 16 or so, they get to decide if they want to stay in the faction they've been raised in, or switch.

So in this book we follow Beatrice as she makes this decision and what the consequences of that decision end up being. And I will say, because I don't think it's really a spoiler, that she moves from her very calm peaceful faction to one that's really quite wild and rowdy. Oh boy and does life ever get exciting for her from there! And I will not tell you what divergent means, because I DO think that's a spoiler!

My take on this book is that first of all, it's very violent. It does remind me a lot of The Hunger Games and I think this is the main reason why everyone is loving it so much. Although while I was reading it I didn't think about The Hunger Games once. But let's just say you can't get too attached to any one character!

It's a very fast paced wild ride, this book. A real page turner and hard to put down. I enjoyed the characters, very unique and different. The premise and conflict are pretty fun too, though still, much of the same old ideas are used over again. If you love dystopian, it's a must read. If you are sick of the genre, perhaps give it awhile.

Bottom line: I enjoyed it a lot.

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  1. I'll have you know that I stumbled upon a review that was much "nastier" than mine. I'm not the only one who didn't like this one. ;) Please, please, please come tomorrow. I'm sure not having a ticket will matter.

  2. I know you aren't the only one that didn't like it, but there really doesn't seem to be too many of you!

    Okay, I will plan on going tomorrow. I'll investigate the ticket issue. I'll email you usual to make plans! :)

  3. I'm with you on this one, Suey. I loved it. Too bad some people (*cough* Jenny *cough*) don't get it like we do - hee hee.

  4. I am not sure what to think of this book. I will probably just read it at some point.

  5. I loved it. LOVED it. Luh-uhved it. In fact, I just checked it out of the library again, within a month of reading it. I have NEVER done that. I can only think of two other books that I wanted to flip over and re-read immediately, and they were both in the "find the clues" type way. Loved it.

  6. Did you see the cover for book two!? They kept the style but made it so much prettier.



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