Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

Book: Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Rating: A
From: My first outing to the Borders closing sale 

Here's one of those "blame the blogger" books. Jenny's been trying to get me to read this one for a long long time, so finally when I saw it at Borders, I bought it and read it last week for my first RIP VI book. As you can see, I really liked it! Odd lived up to the build up he'd been given and I think he's awesome. It was very fast paced and extremely suspenseful, but way more creepy than I expected!

To summarize, this book is the first, I think three (and hopefully more on the way I understand) that follows this young kid (only 20 years old) as he solves crimes using a special gift (curse?) he has. In this book we meet his really cool girlfriend (I loved their healthy relationship) and his very messed up mom and dad, and his various unique friends in the town. When a stranger comes one day, Odd gets the vibe that something terrible is going to happen and when he tracks this stranger, wow, things are not what you expect. Lots of twist and turns and lots of creep factor and lots of edge of your seat moments.

Bottom line: I loved it and it was perfect for RIP reading.

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  1. My parents are both crazed fans of this book and are always nagging me to read it. I guess maybe I actually *should*. ;-)

  2. I'm glad you liked it and I hope you keep reading the series. Give it one more book and you'll be in love as I am with Odd. ;)

  3. One of my favorite books by the author! Am I the only one who cried at the end? And ohhh did you know they're making it a movie now? I think it will be out sometime next year, not sure.

  4. I read this one awhile ago and was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying it. I believe I read the 2nd book as well but never continued on. I will at some point though :P Great review!

  5. I went through a period where I was reading Dean Koontz, but that period has gone by. I might have to start reading him once in a while again.

  6. Koontz is a favorite and I did read the first three in this series. I liked the first two the best. Nice review!

  7. DeanK is a hit or miss for me but this one sounds like a great it for sure. And creepy, nice.



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