Monday, September 5, 2011

The Way of Kings Read Along: Part Five Questions

This has been an awesome group read of a truly fun fantasy book. I have loved it. Let's do it again next book, shall we?

Here are the questions from this week, which will contain TONS of spoilers! Other posts can be found on the group's main page here.

1. It seems like every main character had a little wrap up chapter in this section, with each section ending on a bit of a cliff hanger. What do you think? Do you appreciate these cliff hangers or do they make you crazy? Did you predict some of them, or have no idea they were coming? Did one of them stand out as most surprising?

I loved this. It was perfectly done, wrapping up each character, including giving us a major WOW thing to ponder until the next book. I think the most surprising one was Szeth's new master. Didn't see that one coming at all. The whole Voidbringers/Parshmen thing was pretty wow too.

2. Did the book leave you with an overall satisfied feeling, or are you left with too many unanswered questions? If so, what are some of the questions bothering you the most?

I'm really quite satisfied, which sort of surprises me given the fact that this book is really just the set up of all that's to come. It didn't feel that way, which was a really good thing. But here are some (just some) of the questions that are still bugging me just a little:
  • What's up with the safehand thing? Please explain this!
  • Why does Dalinar not remember his wife?
  • I need to know more about Syl and her evolvement?
  • How does Renarin fit into the scheme of things?
  • Some background on Szeth, please.
3. What did you think of the book ending with a Wit chapter? Did you understand what he was trying to say? What does this chapter mean in relation to the rest of the series?

I asked this question because it left me quite confused and I was curious to see all your answers! Wit is really an interesting character, and though I've read Sanderson's other books (most of them anyway) I don't remember Hoid! It's making me a little crazy.

4. If someone asked you what this book is about... how would you answer them? In just two or three sentences!

I always love trying to do this for books, and this is what I came up with in my recent monthly recap post, though it's only a one sentence thing:

 The first book in an epic fantasy that takes place in the world of Roshar where violent storms have caused life to adapt in a strange and unique way. Adding two more sentences I would say: The story centers around Kaladin, a young man who unites a group of ragtag slaves and begins to show some very powerful talents. There's also a king's uncle whose visions just might be changing the world.

5. And finally (even though I suspect I know everyone’s answer) will you be reading the rest of this series? Will you be there the day it comes out? Or just whenever? Will you be recommending this to others?

I would love to read it the day it comes out, for sure! But I'll probably wait until I can get my hands on a paperback, even though you all say that hardback is amazing. And I will recommend it to those I know who love epic fantasy, because I know not everyone does, but those who do will love this one.

End Spoilers.

Next week, the plan is to do an overall wrap up post. For that, I'll do a "normal" review that will hopefully not contain spoilers, and it's there I'll be trying to convince all my regular readers to give this one a try! Stay tuned.


  1. I think it was interesting to see the source of all of those deathbed prophecies throughout the book...

  2. Great questions this week Suey! I have yet to answer them myself, but I've been thinking about them. I also thought that he ended it perfectly, and although the Wit chapter was unexpected for me, I love the whole mood of it.
    Bravo on the summary! People have asked me what it's about and I just stand there saying "uh, well, it's about a lot of things. Just read it. It's good."
    I actually think I'll be grabbing this the day it comes out.

  3. I think I remember reading Sanderson saying that the safehand thing is just a cultural thing that evolved from some woman saying women should be delicate and refined enough to do whatever a man does using only one hand. I'm sure there's probably more significance to it than that, but on the surface, that's it.

    As for Dalinar's failed memory, I think it's somehow related to the boon/curse of the Nightwatcher (I think that's what it was called), but I'm sure this will be more fleshed out in subsequent novels.

    I'll chime in with the others: the hardback is gorgeous, and it doubles as a bullet-stopper.

  4. Obviously I don't care THAT much about this to look it up but when does the second one come out? Or is it out already? And are you going to be getting to it asap cause you can't wait? I had to listen to my brother in law praise this one with a huge smile on his face and, I'll have you know, I politely listened without rolling my eyes once. ;) ...well maybe once.

  5. All those deathbed prophecies were creepy. But what do they mean?

    Hoid (Wit) was the informer that Kelsier and later Vin talked to in the Mistborn series. He was also the storyteller in Warbreaker.

    The question that kept coming to be related to Szeth and Kaladin, since they appear to have the same kind of powers. If it took Syl to bring out Kaladin's powers, where is Szeth's spren? It occurred to me that perhaps Syl was his spren. She does NOT like shard blades, and even Kaladin had a really bad feeling about the one he won. So what if Syl was Szeth's spren first? Perhaps when his truthless masters forced him to take his shard blade she fled. What did she say would happen to her if she left Kaladin? She'd forget herself and go back to what she used to be. She has curious flickers of memories of things.

    If I'm right, what's going to happen when Kaladin and Szeth face each other when Szeth comes to kill Dalinar? Surely Szeth must remember Syl.

    I can't wait for the next book to be written.

  6. Oh, and Syl observed once that all spren are essentially the same creature. One large mind? So Syl is a part of the same creature that Shallon saw? And that's what the King is seeing that's making him paranoid. He's seeing those spren that his sister and Shallon can see. So he can soulcast without a soulcaster, too.

  7. This book has so much to talk about. I was reading through your answers and thinking of all sorts of things I never thought to mention in my own post! A lot of what you are wondering, I am wondering about, too. I am excited for the next book!

  8. I was shocked to find out about Szeth's master and what he had been doing. Shocked!

    You bring up some interesting questions that are still lingering. What is the safehand?! I'm hoping we get all the questions answered by the end of the series.

  9. As Logan said Sanderson does explain that the loss of the memory of his wife has to do with his visit to the Nightwatcher. He doesn't go into much detail, but I don't have any worries about it. Just from reading this book I don't think Sanderson will leave us hanging. We'll learn more about this later. I'm just wondering if it will be in the next book or in a later book where Dalinar is the main focus (if there is one of those in the plan).

    The whole king incident was a real shocker and one that I'm thrilled happened because Sanderson really set us up to see that character as a mostly insignificant side character and then Wham! he becomes this major factor right at the end. Very fun. And disturbing.

    I too think more will come out about the safehand, but it didn't bother me that Sanderson didn't explain it. I like that there are all kinds of culture affectations that he has introduced as that makes the world he is creating much more real.

    I hope you decide to buy the HC as I suspect a bunch of us are going to want to group read this as soon as it comes out, which right now looks like it will be sometime in 2013. Ah, that's a long wait. I'm glad this one did have some things resolved to a degree as that makes waiting less painful.



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