Friday, September 26, 2008

Special Features

Here's a few of the features I'm having fun with on the blog:

Support Your Local Authors: A perpetual (ongoing) challenge where you buy, read and review authors local to you. Promote them to the rest of us! Click here and comment on this post to join, then when you are ready to
review, click here and comment with your link and I'll add it to the main post.

now and then, I'll make a list of ten of my favorite books in a particular category. Eventually, I hope to have a big long list of categories. Here's what I have so far:

Authors Pick Five: Whenever I have contact with an author, my hope is to ask them what five books have been most influential in their life. Here's what I have so far:

The Bookword Game:
An idea hatched by Raidergirl3 of An Adventure in Reading, and she asked if I could be part of it. It's a game where we think of a bookish situation that needs a word to describe, and you, our readers think of, then vote on the words. Very fun! Join us! Here's what we have so far:

  • RecommenDud: A book you hate that everyone else love
  • CheckBook: A book that you find yourself checking to see how many more pages are left, on every single page!
  • Memoread: A book that reminds you of another book you have already read, not necessarily in plot, but in tone and atmosphere.
  • Wait-listed: A book that continually gets moved to the 'next in the pile,' but never gets read.
  • Marginally Challenged: A book with very little space between lines (likely, it's a public domain book/classic) giving deceivingly few pages to read.
  • Misunderbook: A book that you LOVE, but everyone else (well almost everyone) HATES.
  • A Flick Pick: A book you read after you've seen the movie.
  • Olibook: A book you read because you think you should in order to be well-read.
  • Whoopsabooksy: A book you buy that you forgot you already read/own.

The Printz Project: After reading a loving several Printz award or honor winners, I decided I needed to read them all. A project or challenge of this sort didn't exist, so Jessica of The Bluestocking Society and I created one. Join us! It's an ongoing, perpetual, easy challenge.

Weekly Geeks: A wonderful weekly meme started by blogger extraordinaire, Dewey. When she passed on, a few of us came together to make sure Weekly Geeks lived on. I'm happy to be part of that group, and will be posting a question or project now and then on the Weekly Geek blog.

What the family is reading: This is an official feature of sorts where every now and then in a Sunday Salon post , I'll list.... what the family is reading. People seem to enjoy it, so I'll keep it up. The family consists of: The Mr., Bud (20, and away from home at the moment), JJ (17), Moder (14) and Toto (10). Click here for an example.

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