Friday, September 12, 2008

Meme: Ways Blogging Has Affected Me

This meme about blogging in general has been going around and I got tagged by gautami tripathy at Reading Room the other day and am finally getting to it.

Here are the rules:

1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you (and leave a comment on his/her blog after you do the tag)
3. link back to this parent post
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all (and inform them about it)
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them

Ways Blogging Has Affected Me

1. Through blogging, I've found a ton of other book and reading fanatics to connect with and that's been a blast.

2. Blogging takes a lot of time... but reading and keeping up on everyone else's blogs takes even more time!

3. I've found that I think more about what I'm reading because I knew I'll soon be telling about it on my blog.

4. Blogging (and reading blogs) adds to my TBR pile, but takes away my reading time!

5. And finally, blogging is a bit of a creative outlet for me, which I really really love.

I guess this time I won't tag anyone specific (most everyone's done this anyway), but if you haven't done it and you feel the urge... consider yourself tagged!


  1. I totally love the cartoon. Blogging really does change things. Who knew that we would be answering to an audience that would hang on our every word? Or maybe every other word. Or maybe any word we actually get around to posting. : )

  2. Yep, so true. Blogging is a blast because it's such a great way to meet people, learn about books and get ideas (maybe sometimes too many) about what to read. But it's very time-consuming.

  3. Ah the great equalizer that is the Internet...we can get over our own fears and foibles to meet like minded and not-so-like-minded individuals...I love it. I love blogging, though it has taken away from other creative writing projects, and I love reading!

  4. Oh yes...blogging does take up a lot of! It doesn't mess with my reading time. I do that at night. Blogging chips away at my writing time.



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