Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekly Geeks #18: Catching Up

Dewey suggests for our Weekly Geek experience this week that we catch up on something... well, specifically something that has to do with our blog! I'm pretty much behind on everything. So I'll go ahead and commit to catching up.

Since I've been reading a bunch of YA again this past little bit, I've gotten way behind in reviewing them. Also, I've not been in much of a reviewing mood, and don't know if I am even yet... so these reviews may be even shorter than normal! But hey, I figure you've all got so many blogs to read, that the shorter the better, really. Right?

So, I'll do a review a day. (Eeekkk!) Hopefully Blogger will get over whatever hiccup it's having today or else maybe I'll be doing no blogging at all. I don't' know about you guys, but it's really bugging me today.

Also, I want to try to update my side bars and blog roll a bit. And if I'm really doing well with all that, maybe a challenge catch up post.

But as far as catching up with the Google Reader. I don't think THAT is ever going to happen. It's hopeless there!


  1. I just started using Google Reader and I swear that's the best invention.

  2. My reviews are hopelessly behind too, although some are started. I have 22 to finish :O I am such a slacker lol.
    But I was thinking of doing some reviews using a questionnaire instead of the traditional write-up, I'm asking for opinions about it on my WG post. I'm curious what type of review people prefer to read.
    Hope you have a good time on your catch-up!

  3. Good luck! My Google Reader keeps on growing.



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