Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Books!

So the other day I went to that amazing book sale I've talked about before. It's at someone's house, like a garage sale, and they sell novels for 25 cents, paperback or no. I spent $9 and here's what I came home with:
And here's the kids' book pile of that day. Sorry a bit blurry.

But today, here's what I got, even though I have no time at all to read it, but that's beside the point! I'm so excited! Do remember my reaction to the end of Eldest? Let me just refresh your memory:

"First of all, his writing is amazing. Second, his imagination and story and plot detail are amazing! Then, at the end, there was a surprise twist that I SO didn't see coming that I sat up from my nice relaxed position, gasped, moaned, grabbed my head, felt instant tears coming, moaned some more, tried to breathe, etc.! Sheesh!!! Yes, I do get a bit emotionally involved in certain books. Bud, who was in the room with me said, "Is your head okay? What's wrong? The book? What, mom, what?!!!" It goes without saying that I can't wait for the third of this trilogy."

Then, the other day I got this book from Borders using a gift card that I had:

Hmmm.... I don't think I'll be running out books anytime soon.


  1. Lucky!!! I can't wait to read Brisingr and Marley and Me is a great book!

  2. Look at all those books! I'm drooling a bit here. :-) I need to get caught up with the Inheritance Trilogy before I think about getting the latest. I should probably wait for the paperback version anyway since the hardback is so huge. It sure is tempting though.

    Enjoy your books!

  3. Double wow! What an awesome stack of future reads. I miss shopping for!

  4. Wow! What great finds! Cheap books are always welcome!

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of Marley & Me. Hubby and I listened to the audio book on a long trip last summer, and I bawled like a baby.




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