Saturday, September 6, 2008

Answers to the Weekly Geek Book Covers Game... and some other random things

I think my covers were too easy because there was only one you guys didn't get! (Click here for original post if you want to see them again because I'm being too lazy to copy all the pictures to this post.)

The answers were:

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
2. Eragon
3. I Am The Messenger
4. Inkheart
5. Katherine by Anya Seton (this is the only one nobody knew)
6. The Good Earth

Raidergirl got five answers right! Way to go!

Jeanne and Kim and Book Zombie got four of them correct.

The Bluestocking Society and Ladytink got three.

Icedream and Melody and Ichigo got two right.

Knowles Family and Naida and Serena each got one.

Thanks for all the guesses and for playing along!

What Jason Castro is reading today?

In his most recent video blog he mentions his latest read... The Shack by William Young... which I'd never heard of until now. And suddenly, I'm seeing it everywhere. Anyone read this book or know anything about it? Anyway, I'm loving it that he keeps updating us on what book he's into!

The nominations for several awards for Book Blogger Appreciation Week are up! Don't forget to go vote! And in the process you'll learn about a ton of cool blogs.

Well, it seems like I had something else on my mind to add to this random post, but I can't remember what it was. So... I'll be done for now! Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Katherine by Anya Seton - that one drove me crazy - I'm kinda relieved that I haven't heard of this book before lol :)

  2. Juliann in Washington is reading The Shack:

    I hadn't heard of it till today, either.



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