Thursday, September 18, 2008

BBAW: Links to Me

Today's "assignment" for BBAW is to talk up our own blog! So I've been having fun finding some of my favorite posts:

Favorite List Post: I really enjoyed thinking up this Favorite Authors List

Favorite Review Post: The Last Lecture

Longest Post: Farworld Blog Tour

Shortest Post: Yet Another Twilight Trailer

Post with the most hits (though only one comment!): What is Jason Castro Reading?

Post with the most comments (21.. I know it's a drop in the bucket for most of you!): Movie Quote Meme

A couple of posts just about me: Eight Things About Me, Interesting or Not, A Few of my Favorite Things

Posts No One Likes (Except Me): Anything to do with Josh Groban

A Musical Post: Seven Songs Music Meme

A Random Favorite Post: Weekly Geek Author Picture Game

Ah, the memories!


  1. I love how you responded to this post! What a great idea to have categories!

    My longest post was probably my Farworld post too. It was that interview that made it so long.

    I like Josh Groban too. :-) And why would no one like that post? Silly, Suey!

  2. I just always assume that there's not many people who get as jazzed about Josh as I do! (Though I did sit in an arena with about 50,000 or so of some of them!) And no one (well, maye one or two people) comment on the Josh posts.. .so... you see... I just figure I'm all alone with my infatuation! :)

  3. I really am surprised there isn't more josh groban in this post. You've even turned me onto his singing...:)

  4. Serena: Seriously? You listen to Josh now and then? YES! :)



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