Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Songs of 2013

Last year (and maybe the year before, I can't remember) I listed my favorite songs of the year and it was fun, so here it is again! (In no particular order.)

Remember, these are not songs that came out this year, but songs that I loved this year, even if they are old and either newly discovered or re-discovered. Make sense?

1. Daylight by Maroon 5: I fell in love with Maroon 5 this year and while there are so many many of their songs that I love, I especially love this one.

 2. Royals by Lorde: This song took the world by storm and I loved it because of it's uniqueness. Sounds so different from say.. a Katie Perry or a Miley Cyrus!

3. Wake Me Up by Avicii: I'm not sure what or who Avicci is (all his songs are different sounding, I think he's a mixer/dj type, yes?) but he's pretty dang cool! And every time I hear this song, I want to quote it.

4. Unchained Melody The Righteous Brothers: We saw the one alive brother in concert this summer and since then I've been obsessed by this song. Sadly, the guy with the most beautiful voice singing this song is the one that died.

5. Nyana by Tiesto: I just love the beauty of this song! It's not your normal Tiesto trance thing.

6. Demons by Imagine Dragons: I don't know. These guys are just awesome.

7. Hollow Talk by Josh Groban: Of course I loved every song on this new album, but this one stood out to me. It's haunting!

8. Polar Bear by King Charles: Someone told us about this guy and we've been listening every since. He reminds me of Prince in a way. But better songs. This one is one I can't help but dance to!

9. Send Me an Angel by Scorpions: What a beautiful song by a some hard rock guys! I love it when they do that. And these guys? I wish I'd known more about them back in the day when they were big. Better late than never, eh?

10. Counting Stars by One Republic: Another one where the whole album is awesome. Love!

When I did my Josh Groban CD giveaway last week (congrats to winner Tammy!) I asked for you to let me know what your favorite song was for this year. Here are some of the entries:

Tammy said: Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth

 Mindy said Someone I Used to Know and Kelly said Walk Off the Earth, so I combined the two!

Carrie suggested Loved Me Back to Life by Celine Dion

 Emily likes Ben Rector and his album The Walking In Between. I choose this song from it:

Elaine says Gregory Alan Isakov!

 Colleen likes The Black Keys and their albums Brothers. I picked a song:

 And then Alexia561 likes Pink! (And this song almost made my top ten!)

  What songs would you add to the list? Do we share any favorite songs? Have you discovered anybody new by listening to songs on this post. Let me know! (Here's hoping your computer doesn't stress out too much loading this post!)


  1. Great list! I love Counting Stars and it's definitely in my Top Ten! :)

  2. So many good songs on this list! Huge fan of Maroon 5 and Daylight is one of my all-time faves. Love Imagine Dragons and One Republic and Unchained Melody is a classic. Now I need to go listen to all your others and see if I can add more to my own listening stations!

  3. I didn't expect to know anyone but Josh Groban, but I know who The Righteous Brothers and Scorpions are. Yay, me. :)

  4. I love "Royals" too. My husband hates, though. But, I love it! And, I also love "Demons." But, I love anything Imagine Dragons.

  5. Thanks again for the CD! Currently listening to it while at the gym. I like his version of Falling Slowly.

  6. I am pathetic about paying any attention to what new songs I liked. Frankly, I "read" so much in the car these days that I rarely even hear new songs. Need to find a better balance in that!



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