Sunday, December 15, 2013

Currently: Tired, Tired and Tired


(as written on Saturday Night)

Listening: Tangled is on downstairs. So there's that. But mostly I'm listening to lots of Christmas music. Have you tried the Swingin' Christmas station on Pandora? It's all the old classics. I really enjoy it.

Watching: I'm getting behind in all my shows. Tragic, I know. But tomorrow, we WILL be watching the Survivor finale. I love those shows. Always so much fun and it's been a blast of a season this go around.

Reading: I finished Fangirl and really quite enjoyed it, though not to the level I was expecting given all the buzz. Anyway, hopefully a review will go up tomorrow or soon. But since I finished that, I haven't picked up another book. And it's been days! What? How can this be?

Blogging: I must be in a slump guys. The dreaded slump. I keep skipping days and this is not normal for me. I have nothing to say and I'm too busy and Christmas stressed to really care right now. Yeah. It's everyone's story right now. Anyway, we'll see if things pick up in the new year. I will be doing end of the year wrap ups though. I love those, as you know.

Eating: Ice cream. Chili. Grilled cheese. Honey nut Chex. That's been my food for the day. What do you think? Healthy? Speaking of healthy, I did Zumba three times this week! I know, right? I'm back! Ha.

  • We had a most awesome fun author panel and signing at the library today. I talked to people too! I'm getting better at this thing. It's only been 7 or so years now, and finally, I'm getting better. :)
  • Four school performances this week and one recital left to go. I'm concerted out!
  • Shopping. I hate it.
  • We decided we need a bigger house today. Yeah, I wonder if that's going to happen!
  • Book club this week! Party!
  • December is half over. Make it stop.
  • We are thinking about San Diego in a couple of weeks. It might turn into a tradition as we went there last December too. Awesome city.
  • Oh, and so this week our house filled up with natural gas because the hot water heater repair guy did not connect all the connections. And so, if I understand things correctly, that means that our house could have exploded. With us in it. Though we did "evacuate" when we "suspected" (ha, the smell was TERRIBLE!) a leak, since that's what Google said to to. Let's just say, it was an exciting hour.
  • That was two nights after the power went out for an hour. That was fun too.
Okay. So much for all the excitement around here. Here's to surviving another week! I'm so tired.


  1. I hate slumps, too. :( I was in one most of the year and my reading is still REALLY slow. I hope you can get your mojo back soon!

  2. I can't believe that Christmas is almost here and I haven't listened to any of my Christmas CDs yet! Need to dig them out and put them on heavy rotation.

    I seem to be over my reading slump, but still seem to be in a blogging slump. I've got everything ready to write my reviews, just can't seem to get started. Here's hoping we both get over it, and soon!

    I would love to go to San Diego! Sounds like a great tradition! Have fun!

  3. So glad to hear your house didn't blow up! That would be a most unusual way to convince yourselves that it's time for a bigger house, though. Don't worry about your slump - I always figure we're all busy and don't have as much time to read blogs anyway.



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