Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Year End Number Crunch

My favorite! Counting up the books! Here's the results for this year:

Total Books Read: 90
Total Re-reads: 7
Total Pages: 29, 762

Men: 17
Women: 73

Book Club: 9
Challenges: 3
Blog Tours: 5
Reviews for ARCs received: 34
Read Alongs: 2
Utah Authors: 27
On my own for fun: 32
(yeah, so a few of those overlap!)

The library: 9
My own stash: 32
Kindle: 39
Borrowed: 1
Physical ARCs sent to me: 9
YA and MG: 60
Adult: 30

From the YA category:
Science Fiction/ Fantasy (including dystopian, paranormal, horror, steam punk, etc.): 35
Romance: 9
Other (contemporary fiction and historical fiction): 15
Middle Grade: 1 

From the Adult category:
Non Fiction: 9
Classics: 2
Literary Fiction: 5
Science Fiction/ Fantasy (including dystopian, paranormal, horror, etc.): 1
Historical Fiction: 3
Romance: 8
Mystery/Thriller: 2

Star Rating:
5 star: 28
4 star: 35
3 star: 27

My thoughts:

  • Wow, I did much much better with the non fiction reading! Love those books.
  • But much much worse with the classics. Gah, what happened?
  • And what happened to my adult fantasy stuff? Hmmm? Wow, that blows my mind.
  • I tripled the amount of books I read on my kindle, mostly ARCs from Netgalley and etc. That's been awesome fun this year.
  • I did much less read alongs than I thought I would...again.
  • And it appears I'm pretty much over challenges, sadly.
  • Look how many Utah authors I read! Sweet!
  • The woman authors have totally taken over the man ones. Hmmm, not sure what I think of that. I liked it when I had totally even numbers there. 
Fun fun stuff. Did you crunch your numbers? What did you learn about your reading habits this year? Do any of our habits match? 


  1. I won't be crunching my numbers this much, but I do love reading everyone's that do!

    I am hoping to participate in more read-alongs this year and I am pretty much done with challenges as well. I only participated in three this year, and it will likely only be two in 2014 (Goodreads & RIP).

    I'm hoping to read more classics and non-fiction in 2014 as well as catching up on some series!

  2. This is so much fun to read! I love seeing your reading habits! And, way to go on reading 90 books! Isn't that 10 more than last year?

  3. I didn't keep very good track of my reading this year, so I am not so sure I will be doing anything extensive. I posted my favourites today. That's a start!

  4. I'm not done calculating my numbers, so my post will probably go up tomorrow. I've never counted how many books got what kind of rating. That might be interesting to do.

  5. I love running the numbers and seeing other people's numbers. My male/female number is in favor of females this year too (21/43). I wonder whether that is just an anomaly or if it's a trend.

  6. Yay for non-fiction! And happy new year! :)



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