Monday, December 9, 2013

Movie Review: Frozen

Movie: Frozen
Genre: Animated Fairy Tale
Starring:  Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad,
Rating: G
My Rating: Two thumbs up

I'm not normally one to go to the animated movies when they are in the theater. I'm more of an adventure/fantasy/science fiction sort of movie goer if you haven't gathered that yet. But I do love the animated films when I eventually see them, usually at home on DVD.

But we ended up at this one with a ton of family over the Thanksgiving weekend. I had no expectations. I hadn't even seen a trailer (GASP!) And of course... it turned out to be a very fun and cute movie with awesome songs and fun animation.

It's loosely based on a fairy tale (The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson) about two sisters where one is cursed with the ability to turn everything to ice and make it snow. Her father hides her away, but when she comes out to be crowned queen years later, things turn bad and she freezes the land. Her sister takes it upon herself to make things right again.

Meanwhile, there's a good guy, and a bad guy of course. And a snowman who completely steals the show! So funny! Here's a clip to introduce you to Olaf the snowman:

Very fun. Very cute. Do go see if if you love these animated movies and the music they create. And if you love Idina Menzel (better known as Elphaba from Wicked!) go see it!

Here's the main song from the movie that she sings:

And the trailer!


  1. Such a great movie!! I can't wait to own it. This past week's Project Disney was about Frozen and I just loved it. Interesting how the origin story is sooo different this time around!


  2. We haven't been to an animated movie in years - not since young children. Maybe I need to borrow one and go see this!

  3. I want to see this at some point. It looks cute!

  4. The best part was coming out of the theater and having a little girl singing for all to hear "Let it GO! Let it GO!" over and over again. So cute! Loved it!

  5. I have heard so many great things about this movie! I'm taking my little girls to see it this weekend. Thanks for the review!

  6. I cannot wait to see this one! I'm thinking a trip to the theater the week of Christmas with the whole family would be a great little getaway!

  7. I love the song Let it Go. It’s still stuck in my head from seeing the movie last week lol. I loved the snowman too!



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