Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Favorite Things of 2013 and a CD Giveaway!

I started this last year and it was fun, so here again, just like Oprah, I will  list some of my favorite things of the year. These are things that really stood out this past year... things I loved, or discovered, or re-discovered. Things I wish I could give away to you!

BUT WAIT! I can give away one thing! See the end of the list for details!

 Never, and I mean NEVER,  have I worn a more comfortable shoe.

This movie will probably go down as my favorite of the year
simply for is most uniqueness

It took me awhile to "get" Spotify, but wow, I get it now!
I got this phone for my birthday and have been loving it!

Not sure why it took me so long to jump on this bandwagon, 
but I'm there now! So SO there!

I could eat a whole box in one sitting.

I can't get enough of this show, 
even if the characters make me crazy!

Who knew a freaking steel tower 
and the city it's in could be so fascinating?
Well, I'm sure some of you knew, 
but I wasn't convinced until this year.

We discovered this cookie in England. I hear it's a thing.

And then there was that time 
Josh Groban made a new album! 
And then went on tour!

And now for a GIVEAWAY because it just so happens that I have an extra one of these CDs just laying around needing a home, so I would like to give it away to someone... someone who would really like and enjoy it. So for the next week (through Dec. 12), I'll take entries for that someone.

To enter, fill out the  form below and I'll draw for a winner next week at this time. As part of your entry, I would love for you to share with me a song, artist or album that you loved this year. And I may (probably will) share some of those answers when I do my Top Ten favorite songs of the year post. Deal?

Josh Groban All That Echoes Giveaway 

What were some of your favorite things this year?


  1. Thanks for sharing the CD! That's very generous of you. :)

  2. this is a great idea and might have to copy you ;)

    Off the top of my head favorite things of 2013 include anything that will entertain Munchkin for 5 minutes, reef flip flops (with the bottle opener) and Arnold Italian seasoned Pita Pockets.

  3. I'll be doing my favorites post later in the month, but as a teaser I imagine that Desolation of Smaug will usurp the top spot in my movie affections this year when it comes out next weekend. It may not, but I imagine it will. Sitting firmly in second place is Oblivion. Love that film, have watched it several times.

    Gravity was great, so glad I saw it in the theater.

    1. Carl: I can't wait to see the next Hobbit and my plan is to "drag" my family to the IMAX for it! Yay!

  4. What is Spotify? I have never used that before...

    Yay, a new Josh Groban. I have been listening to him, even if I haven't been posting about him. I just live under a rock and forgot about his new CD!

    1. Kailana: Spotify is a music program that is a lot like Pandora, only you can pick and chose what you want to listen to and make play lists. Very fun. I guess I should have had a link! I wonder if it's only a US thing? I have no idea....

  5. Another Parenthood fan! We started watching season 1 earlier this year on Netflix and watched 1-4 so we could watch 5 live this fall. It was awesome watching entire seasons without breaks but we did miss some sleep.

    Other favorite things include Trader Joe's in SLC, Feedly (since Google Reader quit!), Amano Chocolates (world-class chocolate company located in Orem), a new dual control electric blanket, and our first child-free vacation in years.

    1. The new Harry Potter stamps have been a bit hit here too!

  6. Emily: Trader Joes was on my list last year! And I'm going to have to be checking out this chocolate place for sure!

  7. I'ma gonna have to think of a list and do this too, me thinks.

  8. Big fan of Maroon 5 and Parenthood here! You know, I see you talking about Josh Groban all the time, but I don't listen to him much. I need to check out more of him!



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