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Book Review: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Book: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ★
For: Fun
From: Amazon purchase

So, I've never heard of this author before the buzz about this book started happening. I think there's lots of people that like him, yes? And I think I may have been missing out by not reading him before? Yes. I think so.

This is one of those books that has sat on my shelf for, well, not as long as some other books, but still, for many months. And now that I've finally read it, I'm thinking how could I have let it sit there that long? If I only KNEW what was there, and I wasn't reading it... it would have killed me!

And now that it's all over and I'm done, I wish I could turn back time a few days and do it all again.

Yes, I loved this book. Like... a lot. It sucked me in and I was totally immersed and could not, literally, could NOT put it down. I was reading it late one night and was moaning because I really needed to sleep. I mean, 6:30 comes pretty early... but I could not stop reading. I had to force myself to shut the book and put it away. It was painful.

The story is basically about alien apocalypse and the people that are survivors. As the story develops, we learn that there have been several waves of the take over... and now, the people are just waiting for the next terrible thing to happen.... the 5th terrible thing to be exact. It's told from the point of view of a girl who has been left totally on her own, and guy she knew from school that she thinks is long dead. We get a couple of chapters from a couple of other people (I actually wish there had been more from these characters!) but the story is owned by these two.

The girl, Cassie, is trying to find her brother, who was taken away several weeks before. She has no idea what's happened to him. But she promised him she would find him. And the boy, Ben, has been found by a bunch of people who seem to be in control of the whole terrible situation and they are training kids to fight. Which really makes you crazy and want to just rescue them all!

Anyway, now, how to explain what I loved so much about it!

It's a story that makes you crazy because you aren't sure who are the good guys and who are the bad. And when you do figure it out, the characters have yet to figure it out. But also,  when you do figure it out, it still isn't quite clear even. And that sets up situations where you are dying to turn the page and scared to turn it at the same time. The biting fingernail sort of feeling. And the anxiety, which is lovely while reading actually. And that feeling of needing to pause between chapters to catch your breath. Ah. I love it.

And the characters are wonderful. And there's a romance that I totally enjoyed. Everything is just so intense and the stakes are high and the suspense is thick and bad guys are bad and the good guys are good.

It's just awesome.

I was surprised because I thought it was a YA book bordering on MG... but it's actually bordering on adult. Definitely a book for older teens.

The book is a cross between many other favorite books and TV shows. It's much like Falling Skies, if you've watched that. And it reminded me a lot of The Host in ways, and The Stand (and other books were people are wandering trying to find other people) and.... and... and... now I can't remember what else! But that being said, it was very unique too. It was it's own story, for sure.

Bottom line: Um... yeah... I loved it! This will definitely make my top ten list.

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  1. Nice review! May have to consider getting this for my wife for Christmas. It sounds like one that would push all her SF buttons.

    1. Carl: I felt like a did a terrible job with this review! Yes, your wife will love this one! :)

  2. Wow, high praise! I hadn't heard of the author before this book started getting such good reviews either.

    1. DD: We are going to have to read more I'm thinking!

  3. I have seen this book at the bookstore, but I had no idea what it was even about. People seem to really like it, though.

  4. I enjoyed the book too. Great review

    1. Julie: Thanks! I just blubbered through this review, but I guess that's how they go sometimes!

  5. I don't read YA or Sci-fi, but thanks for this great post.

    Nice blog too. I don't think I have visited before.

    ENJOY your week.

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    My book entry is below.

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