Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Stuff I'm Thinking...Again

Outside my window: It's dark on a Saturday night, but nice. Yes....what a nice day it was today. I think it will feel like spring this week.

I am listening to: Right now... Notting Hill, but just before we started the movie we were blasting Don't Fear the Ripper by Blue Oyster Cult. Love that song. Even with the depressing lyrics.

I am watching: Notting Hill... yeah. Just because. You know... Julie Roberts and Hugh Grant? Love that Hugh Grant.

I am thinking: that Borders really should have had Room in stock, so I could have bought it this evening and not had to wait a few days if I order from Amazon! My son is going to read this for school. What do you think? Is it an okay book for him to read?

I am grateful for: sleep. It's actually really quite lovely, sleep is.

I am reading: I just finished Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George. Quite nice it was. I'm getting really close to finishing A Madness of Angels. This one was not what I expected and I'm having to warm up to it. Matthew Swift though? I think he's one of the most complex characters I've met. I've also started Open County, the second book of that Blood Rose trilogy that I started awhile back. Remember? The cowboy/western romance? Yeah, that one.

I am photographing: I filmed another gig today. But I forgot to take any still pictures. Sadly, they didn't do as well this time as they did at the other competition. They took second place at the other one, and so they got to move on to this level. But, sound problems. There's always sound problems. I hate that.

I am listing: books to read for Love Month still. But I am reading so very slow... very very slow.

I am creating: memories...yes, that's right... it's memories I'm creating! :)

On my iPod: I've been listening to my very very random playlist this week. Among the songs that played today, for instance, was: Spirits in the Material World by Police, Stars from Les Mis, Over the Rainbow by Jason Castro, All I Need by Radiohead, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, The Alan Parsons Project, Yes, Human by The Killers... just to name a few.

Around the house: I did a magazine project. Did I tell you my fetish with magazines? I don't want to throw them away, but this week, I threw away TONS... and I mean that literally. I hope the garbage man's truck can lift the can to dump it!

From the kitchen: I made breakfast pizza this past week. It was quite yummy. And a lot of pasta... but the spaghetti I made this time around was absolutely disgusting!

One of my favorite things: sitting here playing on the computer while watching a movie.

The children this week: have really nothing unusual going on. Just normal routine. Which is a good thing.

Plans for the week: Tending my grandparents overnight... then spending some time at LTUE, I hope, where James Dashner will be doing the keynote address.

On this date: two years ago we did the very first ever Bookword game! We had 84 voters! That was so awesome... and the word that won was RecommenDUD. Fun times. That's basically the only interesting thing that happened on this blog on this date in the past.

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. You haven't done a bookword for a while now. Will you be doing another again or are you done with that?

  2. Hugh Grant happens to be one of my favorite actors; I really like his movies. My favorite is About A Boy.
    When do you want to start Lord of Chaos?
    Love it that you are creating memories; that is what i done this week too. :)
    Radiohead is great, but I don't listen to them much. I prefer Muse...for sure. ;)
    Did not know about your magazine fetish. What do you do with them all before you dump them? I am wishing I had a few extras laying around so that I could clip some pictures that I like to add to my visual journal.
    Hope you have a fantastic coming week. Hope you have a great time at LTUE. It looks interesting.

  3. I have SUCH a problem throwing away magazines when I haven't read them. But then I never really get around to reading them either. They just lay around until they get really, really old and I finally get irritated enough to chuck them.

    Oh, and I second mouseprints' question. =)

  4. Mouseprints: It appears to be on a bit of hiatus at the moment! I don't know when/if it will come back. I guess we'll see.

    Ibeeeg: I have Lord of Chaos on the nightstand now, which means... any day now! :)

    Magazines... I saved all my Family Fun for their wonderful ideas, but now I threw them all away. If I want ideas, I now have the internet! Also, I feel like Time magazines have some sort of historical sentimental thing about I saved a few, but threw most of them away. I'd saved years worth. That is insane. That is bordering on HOARDING! Ugh.

    Megan: I do the same thing. They lay around waiting to be read, but then I really never do. That's why I'm letting lots of subscriptions die.... including Bookmarks! :(

    Did I answer the Bookword question okay? Do you miss it?

  5. It's so funny that you mentioned Notting Hill. I just watched this last week! Such a cute film. :)

  6. I love Notting Hill! Grant and Roberts are so good together.



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