Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: I Am Number Four by Petticus Lore

Book: I Am Number Four by Petticus Lore (but you may want to click here for more and quite interesting information!)
Genre: YA SF
Rating: A
For: Fun
From: borrowed

Well okay. Where to begin. I think it's good I didn't peruse the internet much before starting this book. Sometimes, you know, I think it's good to just read a book without knowing much what everyone else thinks. Which then might make you wonder why I'm telling you now what I think! Ha. Silly me.

So yes, I read the book because of the upcoming movie. I saw the trailer awhile back and it looked fascinating. Then I found out it was a book, one I'd never heard of, and then I started seeing it places and thought it would be fun to read before the movie. Then Jenny got it, read it, and loaned it to me to read. I started it and basically couldn't put it down. I loved the story. The writing? Well, it's no Markus Zusak or anything, but it's okay. In fact, for the most part I was too wrapped up in the story to really even notice the writing.

First, to summarize, it's about this kid who is from another planet. He and nine other kids, along with their guardians, escaped their planet as it was being taken over by some pretty nasty bad guys. The bad guys are now here on Earth to find and kill these kids... but they are only able to kill them in order. The first three have been found and killed, and of course, our hero is.... Number Four!

I really truly do love that premise! We catch up with them as they are once again arriving at another nameless sort of town. This time, things seem different. He falls in love, yes, and does not want to move again. But then, it all falls apart and gets quite scary. One of the things I really liked about this book was the scary bits were really actually quite scary! The bad guys are awful creepy.

The love story, as my friend Jenny says and which I agree, is quite sappy. But... I would like to chalk that up to his alien nature. Didn't it say somewhere that they tended to have a whole different view of love? Hmmmm.... maybe but yes, it caused a little bit of the rolling-eye thing for me.

Bottom line: I really enjoyed it a lot!

The book is getting quite critical reviews from what I'm gathering, so if you are curious about that... search away! But here's an  incredibly well done fan website if you want to immerser yourself in this world.

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  1. One of Talbie and Bronson's favorites!

  2. You're awesome! Thanks for keeping me informed and ready to read another one! Or...see the movie with my husband. Either way it sounds like a winner.

  3. Yay! I'm glad you liked it. So many people have been hard on it, and I was beginning to feel a little stupid for enjoying it. Good to know I'm not alone.

  4. I'm really looking forward to the movie. N and I are making a date night out of it :)

  5. I'm glad you liked this one! I wasn't a huge fan but it was definitely an exciting read. Hooked me in :) Thanks for linking to my review.



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