Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Bit of Me(Me): Best Trip Ever!

So, I haven't done a Saturday Bit of Me Meme for awhile, and since today's question is:

Tell us about your favorite trip

.... I thought I better join in!

About eight years ago now, we got to go to England, Scotland and Denmark. I left my four kids, for the first time ever, in the care of my mom for the two plus weeks we were gone. We went with my husband's parents and ran them ragged! It was a fabulous experience and one we dream of doing again, only this time seeing maybe Greece, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy.

Anyway, we spent a lot of our time seeing castles, small town churches (and graveyards) and museums. I didn't get sick of any of it! Especially the castles. Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite moments:

Discovering the Roman Baths in Bath, England.

One of the many village churches we explored.

Castle Combe

Walking the streets of Edinburgh

A Harry Potter filming site

And the street used to film Merriton in Pride and Prejudice

Experiencing the Scottish moors

Seeing where Shakespeare was born.

Walking on ancient walls and towers.

Seeing The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

Colorful Denmark.

Here we are bothering the horse guards in London.

Tower Bridge!

The Tube is a wonder all its own.

Standing on the spot were Anne Boleyn was beheaded.

Westminster Abbey!

Definitely the best trip ever!

P.S. We did see Stonehenge, but it was raining so hard that we didn't even get the still camera out. I do have video though, which I maybe will share another day! It was pretty insane!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is an absolute dream vacation for me being of English, Scottish and Danish heritage! How hard was it for you to leave your kids for so long, though? I started having anxiety attacks before I left my three for the first time and that was only for five days. You got to see so many great things--what wonderful memories!

  2. I picked my trip to London and Paris as well! Your pictures really make me miss it, I can't wait to get back there. Wasn't the Tower fabulous?

  3. Sigh! I love seeing pictures from Europe! I only stayed in London. Once for two weeks and once for a week and a half and I still didn't see everything. Going to Bath would have been awesome. And Scotland and Denmark and, and, and! Yeah.

  4. Oh my! Okay, I'm still being a dork and totally geeking out about the Harry Potter site, but seriously...WOW! What an incredible trip! I'm absolutely 100% jealous! I love the Roman baths as well, I've always wanted to see them. Such a great trip!

  5. Wonderful trip. When I lived in London I drove by Bath many times on my way to the coast and regret not ever stopping there.

  6. Sounds like an incredible trip! Wasn't Bath amazing? Did you try the water? We bought a glass in the restaurant to share, and it was nasty! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  7. I am going to make it to England someday! That looks fantastic. I'd love to visit all those places, especially the Austen-y places. Sounds unforgettable!

  8. Opps.... why did I have two Scottish moors pictures? Ha. Deleted one. So sorry.

    Lisa: Yep, us two, the heritage thing I mean. That's why we walked through so many graveyards trying to find people! :) I had major anxiety leaving my kids and in fact pretty much wrote a book with instructions for my mom. It's pretty cool now, to read, and see what my life was like back then.

    Crystal: I think The Tower was pretty much one of my favorite things of the whole trip!

    Jenny: We were only in London for ONE WEEKEND! Wow, we crammed a lot in, but yeah, I needed longer for sure.

    1stdaughter: Do you recognize the Harry Potter site? I think it was when they were learning how to work their broomsticks!

    Cozy: Yes, Bath was very cool and quaint and wonderful.

    Alexia: Loved Bath, no we didn't try any water. I can believe it was pretty nasty.

    Melissa: I wish we could have done more Austen-y places. And Dickens.

  9. These are wonderful memories!! What a great trip! WHERE are the people?!?! Was there anyone else there? It looks so uncrowded and intimate! Just like I would love it, but I always imagined that there would be masses of people.

    I loved that you saw where they filmed Harry Potter. What fun to have so many literary connections.

    Good memories. Now time to make some more, huh?!?!

  10. Beautiful pictures! What a fun trip!

  11. Your pictures make me want to go to all those places! Those are awesome pictures of some great places! Looks like a fun trip!

  12. Inside: Where ARE all the people? I promise, they were there! But it really wasn't too crowded. We were there first part of May.... so maybe it was a down time? I don't know.

    Jenni: Thanks! I wish I could have shared more.

    Mrs. Vincent: Yes, they were such fun places. I loved it.

    Clover: Have you been to lots of these places yourself? Next time I come, you'll have to tell me what I need to see for sure!

  13. What a fantastic trip! I've been to most of those places as well and loved every second of it. Love the photos!

  14. I'm so jealous!! It looks like a fantastic trip =) I would love to go!!



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