Friday, February 18, 2011

A Bit of Rambling

I want to check in, but my brain isn't functioning high enough to do a "real" post, so here's my rambles for the moment:

-- Book club was so fun last night, even though I was so so tired and bordering on zombie-ness. Thanks to those of you who came! I'm loving the enthusiasm and high participation of late. I will post about our discussion soon I hope.

-- Despite the major tiredness of last night, after book club, we watched Survivor (on demand) because we were so anxious to see how the new season opened up. Oh. My. Word. It was the craziest tribal council ever! It was worth staying up so late just see that!

-- Why am I overly tired? Because I stayed overnight to watch my 90 year old grandparents on Wed. and they (well Grandma) kept me awake most of the night. And when she DID sleep, I still didn't sleep for worrying about her! Ah well. The experience of watching over them for a day and a half was eye opening and even fun. I said that (well the fun part) to my grandma as I left and she said "well it was memory making anyway!" It was nice to slow down, WAY down, for a day.

-- One of the things I made them do while I was with them was watch American Idol! My grandma did not appreciate anyone.... "they just don't sing like they used to" she said. But as for me? I'm thinking there's some really fabulous people to keep our eyes on!

-- The science fiction/fantasy conference (LTUE) started yesterday and I'm so sad that I wasn't able to fit it in. I know they had a rousing discussion on dystopia that I would have really loved to listening in on. Oh, well. But today, I hope to show up for some stuff.  I will  learn a bunch and let you know all the fascinating details! Maybe I will Tweet stuff...everyone seems to be doing more of that this year.

-- At book club, I started making a list of books we talk about, and then emailing the members that list. It's really quite fun because it's a very random list of things people are reading or heard about, or even hated! I'm wondering should I blog that list? Interested?

-- Okay, now I really have to get ready to face the day. I need Ibuprofen!

What's going on with you today?


  1. I'm sorry to hear you're so tired -- how good of you to stay with your grandparents.

    I still haven't watched Survivor yet this week. I just hate Russell and I don't know if I can bear to watch him again. However, I became a fan of Boston Rob last season so I may give it a shot. And I agree about Idol, I think there are some promising people and I like the judges so much better -- JLo and Stephen Tyler are great.

    And yes please, tell us about your ideas for future book discussions! I'm always looking for suggestions for our library's book group. It's so fun to hear what other groups are reading. What did you discuss this week?

  2. What a sweetie to stay with you grandma. She cracks me up with her American Idol comment. :)

  3. hope the recovery goes well.

    as for the list, it will come with comments, right? am interested.

    am with LeishaMaw, your grandma's remarks had me laughing out loud.


  4. How great it is that you were able to help your grandparents. I wish mine were still around.

    Several days out from this post...have you recovered your sleep yet?



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