Monday, February 28, 2011

February Books Read

Here are the books I managed to read this past month of February:

 I Am Number Four by Pitticus Lore: John Smith is hiding from from the bad guys who have come from his planet of origin to wipe him out along with others of his kind. They find and kill them in order... three are dead and he is number four.

 Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins: Anna is forced to attend a boarding school in Paris. She thinks it's going to be awful, until she meets a guy that is practically perfect in every way.

 Princess at the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George: Galen finds himself involved in solving the mystery of the 12 dancing princesses and why their shoes are worn out every night.

 A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin: Matthew Swift wakes up one day after he KNOWS he was killed. He's the same yet different... and he wants to find and kill the people who killed him the first time around.

 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff: Helene writes to a British bookseller for twenty years and they become best friends.

 Open Country by Kaki Warner: Hank wonders if this Molly that says she is his wife, is really telling the truth. He can't remember much since the train wreck, but the more he thinks about it, he hopes it's for real.

 The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope: This rich obnoxious guy moves into the London neighborhood and proceeds to mess up pretty much everyone's lives and loves.

 Paranormalcy by Kiersten White: Evie has worked for this place that finds and neutralizes paranormals of all sorts for her whole life nearly. When a new (awesome looking) sort arrives,  she begins to question her whole past and purpose.

Favorites: Paranormalcy, Open Country and Anna.... I think.

Plans for next month:

I pretty much detailed my plans in yesterday's Salon post, but here's a bullet point list, just for my organizational pleasure:

  • Start Lord of Chaos, Wheel of Time #6, a buddy read with Ibeeeg.
  • Read Wither before it comes out on the 22nd.
  • Read Beyonders before it comes on the 22nd.
  • Read Room so I can help my son do his project on it.
  • Re-read Persuasion hopefully.
  • Re-read or at least review These Is My Words for book club.
  • Re-read I Am The Messenger... maybe.
  • Read No Going Back for review.
  • Continue with Mr. Monster for my treadmill book.
  • Catch up with the husband who is reading Monsters of Men without me.
  • Fit in The Glass Castle for my nonfiction of the month. (that is nonfiction, right?)
Oh boy too many re-reads. You know I'll never do that many re-reads on a month. Sheesh. Who am I kidding!

What did you read this month? And what are your plans for next?


  1. Paranormalcy looks good. I am hoping to read it soon! You look like you had a great reading month. I hardly ever reread, so best of luck to you in rereading all those books in March! For me, in March I am trying not to stress too much and just read for fun.

  2. new follower!! Love the book pic at the top of your blog!

    have you read papertowns? is it good?

    follow my blog!

  3. You had a nice reading month. How did I miss your I Am Number Four review? Hmmm.... I am currently listening to the story so I will read your review once I am done.

    I have Wither sitting on my dresser, and I need to get reading it very soon too.

    Looking forward to Monday when we start our Lord of Chaos reading. :)

    I have a book that you *must* read; The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It is seriously a great book. I think I will post my review later this week, or early next so be on the lookout. Suffice it to say though, I think you will like it a lot.



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