Friday, February 4, 2011

Love Month: A Few Favorite Love Songs

For a Friday music post, I decided to share just a few of my favorite loves songs, the major melty kind if you know what I mean.

What love songs melt YOU to your very bones?


  1. Ooh thanks for that blast from the past with the NSYNC video...I feel like a teenager again. I love Justin Timberlake's more current dance music, but I miss the ballads he used to sing with the group!

  2. Great choices Suey. I especially like Richard Marx, but you already know that I like his music.
    Oh my it, but more on that later. My favorite, on this list is...of course Unintended by Muse. I love, love that song!!!!!
    They usually have very weird studio videos, but the one for this song...while weird, I love.
    Unintended - official video

  3. Great list! I love Hero and Josh
    Grobin's: My Confession, extra especially. I tend to melt with more of the really older songs-- Unforgettable by Nat King Colebeing one of them. I Only Have Eyes For You is another favorite of mine!

  4. Super: I'm a little old to have been an 'Nsync fan, but I do love this particular song.

    Ibeeeg: Yes, that video is VERY weird, but I too enjoy it just the same!

    Kim: Those older songs are great too! I could have gone on and on with melty love songs!

  5. Oh I love your song choices. Especially Wicked Game. N played that on the piano once and sang and my knees went weak. I am, of course, a HUGE fan of Enrique Iglesias! :)



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