Monday, February 28, 2011

Review: Open Country by Kaki Warner

Book: Open Country by Kaki Warner
Genre: Western Romance
Rating: A
For: Fun (and counting it towards Twenty Eleven Challenge)
From: I bought it from Amazon.

Last year I read the first book from this trilogy, Pieces of Sky, and loved it. Each book in this series is about a different brother. Brady in Pieces of Sky, and this next one is about the middle brother Hank. He and Molly meet on train. He's doing business and she is running away from her brother in law, with her niece and nephew, after her sister has just died. When the train crashes, Hank gets hurt and Molly, when she realizes that the train people will need to pay money to wives of anyone hurt in the crash, pretends to be Hank's wife. (Well, they actually do get married, while he is unconscious.) Because of course he is going to die and of course, she is desperate for money.

Well, you can guess what happens from there I bet. Yep he doesn't die. And so NOW what does she do?

Okay, so it's all pretty predictable perhaps, but I loved it, just like the first one. Lots of lovey dovey stuff, lots of edge of your seat moments, lots of "you go girl" bits. Yeah, it was just fun.  I like these kinds of books. I should read more of them. Really. (It appears this is not the type of book many of you, my book bloggin' buddies, read either, since I can't find any other reviews from y'all.)

Bottom line: I loved it.


  1. Sounds fun! They should make it into a Hallmark movie. I know I'd watch.

  2. Matter of fact, my friend, this would be a book that I would indeed enjoy reading. Seriously, one could only read so much epic fantasy and historical fantasy. A breather is needed, no what I mean? This books sounds like a great breather.
    Need to get my hands on I come library. :)

  3. How did I not know this book was out? Gah! Must. Get. Book. Now.



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