Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Sunday Salon: In Which Silliness Ensues... Beware

And today I give you my slap happy stream of conscious musings for this past week:

Outside my window: I heard some wind awhile back. It was drippy today (today being Saturday, as you probably know already, since I can't really write this detailed of a post first thing on a Sunday morning) and it's dark, but was warm once this week.

I am listing to: the whole Awake album by Josh Groban... this is so I can write my impressions to Ibeeeg as we have our ongoing Josh Groban fest, which is being the Biggest Blast Ever! See, she just got the Awake album this past week, and wow, to go back and listen to it again for the first time?! That would be so cool. So that's what I'm doing... pretending I'm listening for the first time. Guess what? Yep, I like it, I mean LOVE.

I am watching: Merlin. I love it. Arthur has just decided that he is quite besotted with Guinevere, and Gwen is very very flattered, but then Lancelot comes back and bam... things change quickly. I'm actually feeling for Arthur, poor boy. And Merlin.... do you think he will fall for Nimue like in the books? Oh my. I want to say, "NO. STOP. DON'T!!! Oh that Merlin, he has the cutest smile ever!

I am thinking...... that I am so very tired and I should be reading because I haven't read in two days now which is quite sad and bizarre, but I'm on a bit of blogging roll and suddenly there's so much to say and report and so I'm getting all kinds of posts lined up to publish and I think that I'm too tired to read anyway and would just fall asleep should I try so I just keep sitting here typing away, but wow, I'm so very tired.....

I am grateful for: the fact that I have been able to drop my whole normal life this week and for a day and a half I hung out with Grandma and Grandpa, and then for another day and a half I basked in the geekiness that was LTUE... a science fiction and fantasy writing conference. In between the two I hosted book cub, and it was so much fun! This has been the weirdest week I've had in a long long time. And I don't think my family has missed me one bit!

I am reading: NOTHING! Well, while hanging with the grandparents, I got quite into Open Country by Kaki Warner... the second of the Blood Rose trilogy.... a cowboy/western romance. Very fun. I truly need more of these kinds of books to counter balance all the paranormal fantasy dystopia stuff I read.

I am photographing... myself with James Dashner!!! (Actually I had a stranger in the line behind me to the honors.) Yes, finally! After all the stalking I've done, I finally said, "Hey, dude, I need a picture!" (Gah, I look like crap.)

I am listing: all the books my book club talked about during our last two meetings. Did you see that list? Is it not awesome?

I am creating: lots of blog posts. Look for my wrap post on LTUE on Monday.

On my iPod: there's lots of music. I need something new. Suggestions?

I am hoping and praying: that you find this crazy post readable and fun. Seriously. I'm feeling really silly at the moment. I really should sleep.

Around the house: You know, I don't even know what's going on around the house lately! I've been quite neglectful as mentioned above. And NO ONE CARES!!

From the kitchen: So here's the thing... my husband just decided that he wants to invite his parents for dinner tomorrow, and so he went shopping just now, to buy the ingredients for a killer lasagna/salad/trifle menu that HE will put together tomorrow! Yes, I know. We'll just wait and see how THAT goes!

One Some of my favorite things: M and M's, fantasy authors, authors who "know" me and will say hi, talking books, book club, big kids who can take care of themselves when mom takes a few days off, Josh Groban and new friends who have joined the fandom, American Idol, THE COWBOYS on Amazing Race!!!!, the King Arthur story in any form, slap happy moods, blog comments, saying "to heck with it" and eating a HUGE Carl's Jr. hamburger, fries and shake!.... sleeping.... sleeping.... sleeping....

The children this week: might have a mom again. Maybe. Or, maybe not.

Plans for the week: R and R.... recover and read.

On this date: I blogged about LTUE in 2008 and in 2009 and in 2010. I'm so glad I discovered this little event.

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. Fun post! I hope you got some sleep. :)

  2. It's so great you got to photograph with James Dashner! And you look wonderful!

  3. I have a friend who years ago left her children for the first time ever and she was devastated before she left, sure that they could not survive without her. Then she was devastated that they did. Turns out our families really can live without us...kind of depressing. On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice if we could just take a week off of all of the mom things and not even have to leave the house?!

  4. I really enjoy listening to Josh Groban too. :-) My parents really enjoy the Merlin snow. I haven't yet seen it, I'm afraid. I love your stream of conscious musings. :-)

    I hope you have a great week! I hope the dinner your husband made turned out well!

  5. Sorry that I am not quick with my response to our Josh Groban emails. I do not want to be rushed with writing those emails which means I cannot have children wanting my attention.
    I am having a blast with our talks though...much fun!

    Very cool that you have a photo with Dashner. I don't think you look like crap.

    You are creating a lot of blog posts; wish I had your motivation.

    I did indeed find your crazy post readable; lots of fun.

    How was the dinner? It sounds yummy.

    I really like these posts of yours; all of your posts.

  6. Kailana: I did sleep... wonderfully!

    Aths: Yes, finally a picture! This probably the tenth signing of his, at least, that I've been to.

    Lisa: Oh, yes, a week off without leaving! Perfect idea!

    Literary: The dinner was fabulous! Glad you like these crazy posts.

    Ibeeeg: Hey, no worries on the email thing... I'm in no hurry!

  7. I've recently become a Merlin fan! I've got to watch some of the earlier episodes, though, because I've only been watching since around the beginning of the year.



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