Monday, November 2, 2015

Fifty Things I Want To Do

And the countdown continues! We are just over two weeks away! Make times stop!

So, I've listed fifty things I've done and now you get the other list, the bucket list per say, the more common list... the list of things I still want to accomplish in life. Well, some of them. Actually, I struggled coming up with this list, and yet, I know there are a ton more I could add.

Fifty Things I Want to Do

  1. go on a writing retreat (particularly the Writing Excuses cruise!)
  2. live in England for a summer
  3. have a beautiful yard and garden
  4. finish the hexagon quilt wall hanging
  5. lose 20 pounds
  6. visit all 50 states
  7. go to San Diego Comic Con
  8. ride in a helicopter
  9. see the Northern lights
  10. get published
  11. meet Josh Groban
  12. watch a shuttle/rocket/spaceship launch
  13. visit PEI in Canada
  14. visit other places in Canada.. Quebec/Montreal stand out
  15. drive across the country on back roads, no freeways
  16. put together, glue and frame a puzzle
  17. finish a scrap quilt
  18. see Donny and Marie in Las Vegas
  19. finish my Classic Club list
  20. be in the audience of a talk show (once upon a time I would have said Oprah or Regis..but now I don’t know what)
  21. visit New England
  22. visit all the continents
  23. wade in all the oceans
  24. have Jenni successfully teach me how to crochet something
  25. see Markus Zusak IN Australia
  26. watch all the Supernatural seasons
  27. finish all the Buffy seasons
  28. be “The Book Grandma”
  29. buy a convertible
  30. clean up my “craft” room
  31. meet John and Hank Green
  32. build, decorate and furnish a miniature doll house
  33. go to a Sundance Film Festival movie
  34. do Zumba for a year
  35. try whole food eating for a month (maybe a week…)
  36. take the Lord of the Rings tour in New Zealand
  37. stay in a beach house for a week
  38. try a vlog with Megs… at least try
  39. start up journaling again
  40. blow up vacation pictures onto canvases and make a collage on the wall
  41. have an herb garden
  42. finish putting home videos onto DVDs
  43. cosplay at Comic Con, once
  44. go to BEA
  45. finish The Wheel of Time series
  46. write life story essays
  47. revamp my wardrobe
  48. empty my email inbox
  49. take up boxing
  50. think happy thoughts and fly

Any suggestions for how to accomplish some of these things? :) How are you doing with YOUR bucket list?


  1. I think most if not all of these are totally doable. If you go to Australia take me with you!

    1. Jenny: Can you even imagine how much fun we'd have!!!

  2. Ha ha! I love that you put have me successfully teach you how to crochet something. :) We'll do it. We'll get there. I love all your other items. Although, I don't think I could do Australia, irrational fear and all.

  3. This is a great list and I think you could be able to complete it if you try. Let me know if you ever make it across to England for the summer - it would be great to meet you!

  4. Ok... Here is the plan! We are going to take up boxing together, again. Lose our 20 pounds with some added Zumba (though the whole food thing, you are on your own). Revamp the wardrobe, so that now we are looking and feeling good. Take that writing cruise over to England, find some pixie dust while we are there. Come back and road trip it across the country hitting all the states we can, visiting John and Hank, follow the Josh Groban Tour until we finally catch a break where he comes out to meet the fans (Though his violinist was cool and all), go to Donny and Marie in Vegas, be in the audience of Ellen, do cosplay and San Diego Comic Con, then hop a flight to New Zealand and Australia for the Shire and Markus and stay in a beach house. Vlog the entire time and watch Supernatural and Buffy at night. BAM 20 items done! Let's DO IT!!!

    1. Megs: Are you saying you have some of the same things on YOUR list? Hmmm?

    2. Only a few, but I can put them on my list.

  5. This was so much fun, and I was so excited that getting published was on the list!!

  6. Take up boxing? You go, girl!



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