Friday, November 20, 2015

The Walking Dead S6E6: Always Accountable (Spoilers!)

This past week we followed Daryl, Abraham and Sasha's story and their part in the failed attempt to lead the walkers away from Alexandria. They are actually still doing their job, when shots suddenly ring out. I think it's the wolves, yes? Or some other random mean group. I'm not sure, everything happened so fast, but Daryl crashes his bike and gets pretty banged up. Abraham and Sasha hide and suddenly, they are all split up.

Abraham and Sasha find an office to hang out in. Here, we get to see them saying lots of deep thoughts to each other, and we get to see Abraham pretty much losing his mind as he hangs off the edge of the roof taunting a spiked walker. I have no idea what that was all about. He does find some bazookas and cigars, so really, he's all good. Later that night, he basically asks Sasha to hang out with him in that office forever and start their own little life together. I mean, seriously. I think he really has lost it. The look she gives him is great though.
A gun on Daryl.

Meanwhile, Daryl meets up with a couple of crazy people who are running from other crazy people and they think that Daryl is with those crazy people. So they tie him up and drag him along with a gun to his head. But Daryl runs away, but then has to come back to give them their insulin back... of course. And then they seem friendly and all and realize he might be one of the good guys and he thinks they might be just sane enough to be part of their group, so he invites them to come to Alexandria. So what do they do? Steal his cross bow AND his bike and leave him stranded! THE NERVE!

In which he looses both bike and bow. 

But he finds a truck, happens upon Sasha and Abraham, thereby saving Sasha from her fate of being stuck there her whole life with Abraham, and as they are pulling away to go home, presumably, Daryl tries one more time to get Rick on the radio.

"Rick, do you copy? Rick... hey.. do you copy?"

crackle crackle static static


The end!!!!

Glenn's voice? Yes or no? Alive? Yes? Will we get answers finally this coming week? Yes or no???GAH, this show is crazy!

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  1. It's not Glenn. There was an article in EW and Daryl said it isn't Glenn. Sigh. We still don't know.



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