Thursday, November 12, 2015

Book Banter Topic 5: Understanding Tom Hiddleston

Okay, so technically, Tom Hiddleston is not a bookish topic. But hey, he does play F. Scott Fitzgerald for a brief moment in that lovely movie Midnight in Paris! And he does play one of the best villains in all of literature because Norse mythology is literature, am I right? Anyway, when the subject of Tom came up the other day, as it often does, and Jenny said, "I just don't get him."  I was like, what??? Gasp.  I don't get that you don't get him! And thus, yet another banter topic was born!

Suey says:

Let me just illustrate my first argument, summed up in one word: SMILE

I think this will go down as one of my favorite collages ever  made!

Smile: While I agree that he might not have the typical look of a heart throb, (though it can be argued that his untypical look is quite  heart throbby enough)  you can’t deny that he has one of the best smiles in existence. And I, for one,  think that smile supersedes anything he might lack otherwise. (Though I could still argue that his eyes, his dance moves, and his general classic tailored polished look has a lot going for him too!) But his smile! It’s so contagious. It’s so brilliant and beautiful and bright. Seeing that for the first time in the theater watching Thor, I pretty much totally forgot Thor (who DOES have every single “normal” heart throb attribute going on in his favor) because of that Loki/Tom smile.

Jenny says:

K, I'm focusing on looks because I think Tom has a fun personality. I just don't get the attraction aspect. Here goes. I hope a lynch mob doesn't show up.

1. He's Soooo Pale!
Give him white hair and he could play an albino with no makeup needed. Seriously. He's not some southern bell! This isn't the old south! Go to a tanning salon! Go outside! It's called the sun, Tom. Try it!

2. His hair looks so greasy!

Take 1 cup of oil (preferably olive oil). 2 Eggs (for all day hold) and 1/2 cup water (to mix it all together). Apply liberally and scrunch with fingers. Let Dry. Watch girls swoon....for some reason. Ewwww! 

3 His lips...or lack thereof.

Alright, some people just have thin lips. I have thin lips but I don't walk around trying to duck face with them. Look at that those pursed lips! It just makes them suck into his face. Yuck! 

Suey says:

Okay, I didn't just focus on looks, so I have more arguments below. That being said, I'd love to rebuttal the above thoughts.

Pale...yes he sometimes seems so, especially in the role of Loki, which I think is part of that character. Other times, not so much. Many of the pictures I've used in my collage he has pretty normal coloring. But that look adds to his overall aurora I think. It doesn't bother me in the least!

Greasy... WHAT? That's only for his Loki role and only during certain parts of the film! His normal hair is beautiful! (See my pictures above.) Besides, long stringy hair is a turn on for some.. even Thor has it! And Aragon, and oh, so many others!

Lips...never really actually thought about his thin lips because... HIS SMILE! It sort of distracts from the lips thing. And the duck face? What? His face is beautiful...not your conventional manly man face, but insanely beautiful.

P.S. Do you have a problem with his eyes? Because... THOSE EYES!! Sa-woon!

And my non looks reasons:

Charm: Of course we none of us know what Tom Hiddleston is like in real life. All the celebrities put on a face for us no matter who they are or what they’re doing. But I feel that Tom must, he MUST truly have the charm that he exudes for us all. That charm, I think even more than the smile,  is what has made so many of us fall for him. He is charming as himself, he’s charming as Loki, he’s charming as whoever he is in that haunted house movie (even though I haven’t seen it I’m pretty sure he’s charming, in  creepy way, am I right?). It doesn’t matter the role he’s playing, or the face he’s presenting, he can’t help but be charming.  The style he sports, the gentlemanly manners he practices, the ideas he professes to…. all charming and perfect.

Acting/Singing: So I’ve only seen him in a couple of movies and I really haven’t seen him sing yet except random YouTube clips. But what I HAVE seen makes me tend to declare that he is one amazing actor. And I can’t wait to see him in more stuff, especially the upcoming singing one! I find it interesting when someone like him plays a role for someone like Loki and we all fall in love with Loki, the villain, and a pretty awful sad sorry mean old villain too, then that says something for the way that villain is acted. Know what I mean? He’s amazing. AMAZING!  I don’t know how else to say it. Just. . .amazing.

Bottom Line: Tom Hiddleston has something going on: smile, charm, eyes, acting, singing, gentlemanly class...I don't know what... that is definitely swoon worthy.

What do you think? Let us know in comments! And be sure to check out Jenny's take on this subject and her rebuttals to my reasons over on her blog!


  1. I didn't get it until recently, but now I TOTALLY do. And ya know what? Crimson Peak isn't playing ANYWHERE NEAR ME. Dang it!

    1. Andi: So what changed? How did it come to be that you suddenly got it??? :)

  2. I'm with you (Suey) on this one as you know. Tom is just Tom and there's nothing else to say.

  3. Ok Jenny, I don't like his hair as Loki at all either... And he is very pale, but so am I, and going outside just makes us burn and peel and its just not worth the pain. (It's okay Tom, I'm here for you.) (And I'm pretty sure as Loki he is painted white...) And his smile and charm as Loki does supersede his hair. Plus then you add his personality, and who cares anymore, I just want to date him! I am perfect dateable age for him and he is like... okay not the man of my dreams but he played him in a movie one time... So pretty darn close!

    1. Lol! Alright, you date him and I'll promise to be polite should you being him round to book club.

  4. Well, You guys keep swooning. Nice smile but meh. I just don't get it.

  5. I'm a fan of Tom! But, if I had to choose between Tom and Benedict, I would choose Benedict! ;)



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